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17 February 2004 | Approved: 16 March 2004

HPC members present: Bob Booher, Chair, Chris Kirtz, Ed Mroczka, and David Neumann. Peggy Odick also attended as liaison to the Town Council.

The February 17th meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission began at 7:30 p.m. with the approval of the agenda. The Chair asked Chris Kirtz to take minutes.

Open item from the last meeting:

Design Guidelines. The Commission discussed the importance of proceeding to continue work in its Design Guidelines especially in light of the impending Grove Ordinance changes reflecting changes in allowable roof heights. The Commissioners noted the importance of distinguishing guidelines for contributing from those for non-contributing structures.

Posting Reviews: David Neumann agreed to contact Bill Saar to see how the posting of reviews was proceeding. The Commission endorsed the suggested formatting which would allow someone to search by location of property reviewed, name of applicant/occupant, or date of review. Commission members agreed to forward to David all locations for which they had prepared Reviews to they could ensure that all HPC reviews were forward to Mr. Saar for inclusion in the data base.

Oral History: Bob agreed to call Jerry Trescott to urge him to complete his written proposal to assist with an oral history of the Appleby [Ryneck] property so we can authorize him to proceed with that effort.

Legal Opinion: In light of other more pressing activities both of the HPC and of the Town Council, the Commission agreed not to press for a legal opinion regarding the HPC ordinance.

New Commissioner: The Commissioners discussed the importance of having a fifth member appointed as soon as possible. Past and current possible candidates and which conversations had been had with them already were discussed. The Commissioners agreed to continue to look for possible candidates, to check on their qualifications and willingness to serve, and to report back to fellow Commissioners before taking further action.

Public Review Session:

Ed Mroczka agreed to prepare the Certificate of Review for the addition of a ramp and the reworking of the front porch and deck of 309 First Avenue owned by James Shifflet and family.

Public Work Session:

The Commission approved the January minutes with minor agreed upon edits.

The Commission discussed the importance of their archival duties as spelled out in the HPC establishment Ordinance. Ed Mroczka agreed to contact Clare to see if she had any such materials in her possession; David Neumann agreed to review the CD information he had gotten from Clare to determine the degree to which it could readily be transferred to a usable computer-accessible format. Chris Kirtz agreed to contact Kathy Lehman and Mary Challstrom to determine the current status of the archives. The Commissioners also agreed it would be useful to be able to reference the protocols other jurisdictions used to prescribe the use of their archival materials.

Other Business:

The Commission agreed to attempt to "recapture" any action items agreed upon at meetings and Chris Kirtz agreed to get out a follow up e-mail within two days after the meeting detailing who had agreed to do what.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:83 p.m.

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