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20 February 2018 | Approved: 20 March 2018

Present: Bob Booher, Mimi Styles, Wendy Harris and David Stopak. Councilor John Compton was present as Town Council Liaison and Pat Patula attended to present the Annual Archive Report. The meeting began at 7:30 p.m. Bob Booher took minutes.

Approval of Agenda and Adoption of Minutes

The proposed agenda was modified and then adopted unanimously. Minutes for the January HPC meeting were reviewed and adopted.

Project Reviews

A proposed addition to 123 Washington Grove Lane was reviewed. The designer/builder Brian Bryce and Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz were present.
An initial design for the addition was brought in by the group to the January meeting. Comments were made regarding scale relative to the modest Grove houses and they were encouraged to walk thru town to look at how other additions have been done to preserve the scale of the original houses. Points were made regarding keeping the roof lines defining the single story house as the primary look as recommended in the Guidelines.
At the February meeting they presented proposed revisions that took the comments and advice into consideration. The scale of the revised project was substantially improved with nothing of the addition apparent from the front facing WG Lane, and the portions to the rear appearing like large dormers. The scale of the original house remains clear, and compatible with the neighborhood.
Mimi will forward the review.

National Register Nomination Contract

Wendy welcomed two consultants and oriented them to the archives, maps, Past Perfect and conducted a brief tour. They will be focused on reviewing the background material until the end of March. In April they will examine the boundaries and begin the house surveys.

Sign Restoration

John provided a spreadsheet he is proposing as a tool for reporting the progress of the sign restorations to the Town Council. Susan Van Nostrand had emailed a narrative summary to assist in providing input for the spreadsheet. The sign group is developing a more comprehensive spreadsheet for managing the process. The TC would like a summary of the design standards to define the goals for managing the process into the future. The HPC will develop this document with Susan’s help.

Archive Annual Report

Pat Patula reviewed the report she sent to the HPC. Issues to resolve and budget suggestions were provided and included in the draft budget. One of the items was improvement of the environmental conditions in the archive room to better reflect the state standards. It was agreed that Pat would meet with Steve Werts to ascertain what could be done and try to include funds in the budget for that work.

15 the Circle Easement

The final draft of the easement package was forwarded to Taunton Paine by the Town Office. No response had been received as of this meeting.

Ordinance for sale of surplus property

John McClellan and Charlie Challstrom put together an enabling ordinance and sales ordinances for several of the properties identified for easements. As there were questions regarding process and whether the drafts forwarded were ready for HPC review, the HPC took no action on them.

Draft Budget

The budget spreadsheet was reviewed and values approved for forwarding to the town Council. Increases were recommended for the Archivist and Equipment and Supplies that included some of the work recommended by the Archivist.

Masterplan recommendations

Gail had provided recommended language to be added to the Masterplan update. The HPC approved forwarding this language. Other areas for comment were also identified that needed further work.

Preservation Maryland Tours

The HPC recommended delaying the tours until May. Bob will confer with Chris Kirtz to finalize a date. It was suggested that Clare could be approached to give a presentation.

Design Guidelines

Mimi reported that the group is working on an outline for updating the Guidelines. They will be adding a map, info on the woods, forest reserve, streets and walkways, signs, fences, windows and doors.

Bulletin Material

Gail’s sign restoration summary originally proposed for January will be forwarded for the next Bulletin

PC Meeting Report

Mimi summarized the issues at the February Planning Commission Meeting.

Council Report

John summarized issues discussed at the February Town Council Meeting.

McCathran Hall Floor repairs

The almost completed repairs to the lower hall floors were discussed. It was noted that the historic bench had been taken to the same restoration company that refinished the Women’s Club bench.

East Wood Zoning Map Amendment

Charlie Challstrom forwarded paperwork to finalize the rezoning of the East Woods that will remove the platting from the official records and finalize the boundary and use designation. A Town Meeting will be held to complete the process.

Annual Tripartite Meeting

The meeting that includes the Town Council, Planning Commission and HPC was scheduled by the Mayor for February 26. Several items were recommended by the PC to be on the agenda. Those items were reviewed and it was decided that no further items would be suggested by the HPC.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 pm. The next meeting will be Tuesday, March , 2018, at 7:30pm in the McCathran Hall meeting room.

Bob Booher

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