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19 February 2019 | Approved: 19 March 2019

Members Present: Wendy Harris, Gail Littlefield, Robyn Renas, David Stopak, Mimi Styles
Attendees: Bud O’Connor – 409 5th Avenue, Marilynn Frey
Members Absent: Bob Booher; Darrell Anderson – TC Liaison

Approval of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed and modified to: Move Annual Budget Review to first discussion item Old Business; Delete Guidelines; Delete Bulletin material; Add 409 5th Avenue Review Session item. Modified agenda approved

Adoption of Minutes:

Meeting Minutes dated January 15, 2019 were reviewed, modified and approved.
Robyn to forward Adopted Meeting Minutes to Town Office

Review Session:

Bud O’Connor – 409 5th Avenue
* Owner following up on his January HPC Meeting presentation which highlighted the renovation process to his home
* Owner applied to purchase Town Land as per Zoning Ordinances 2018-04 and 2018-05 in January and has not received any updates by PC or TC
* Owner stated objections to previously issued “Exhibit C” prepared by HPC
* HPC agreed to review “Exhibit C” for 409 5th Avenue at March HPC meeting

3 Ridge Road – Exterior Modifications to Residence Submittal Review
* Description of Requested Work: Add new tapered columns on stone column bases at existing Covered Front Porch facing Ridge Road; Add screen panels and wrap 4×4 posts with 1xtrim at existing Side Covered Porch; Add screen doors for access; Side Screen Porch does not extend beyond front house wall
* HPC Review comments: Referenced Front Porch archive photograph illustrates tapered column design very similar to proposed tapered column design. Side Screen Porch screen panels should be set towards interior to create reveal. Screen Porch columns may be more appropriately scaled if similar to proposed tapered column width
* Mimi to write formal HPC Review

Old Business:

Annual Budget Review led by Marilynn Frey (at invitation of Wendy)
* First Town Budget Work Session scheduled for March 26th
* Fiscal year ends June 30th
* HPC Budget request to be finalized prior to March 26th
* Draft FY 2019/2020 HPC Budget Reviewed as follows:
a. National Register Historic District Update – final invoice should be paid prior to conclusion of fiscal year
b. Archive Room climate control system installation funding allocated in McCathran Hall budget fiscal year 2018 – goal to pursue installation prior to June 2019 if feasible
c. Link Archive Room climate control system to generator
d. Include Past Perfect online software licensing/hosting, annual support fee and AASLH membership as annual request line item
e. Pursue obtaining Past Perfect online software prior to June 2019 in order to use previously allocated budget funds for this item. Past
Perfect is museum software that assists with archive database
f. Pursue obtaining American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) membership prior to June 2019 in order to use previously allocated budget funds for this item
g. Pursue adding request for line item “Professional Services” to include funding for a Grants Writer. HPC identified the following special projects which could be funded by Grant requests. A Grants Writer who is familiar with process and able to target appropriate Grants would benefit the Town
h. List of Special Projects that may align with Grant funding
Archival Room climate
Improve infrastructure items such as stone walls, etc.
Educational Training video
Restore Maple Spring
Restore Whetstone Spring
Historic Plaque markers noting significant archival site features
Walking Tour of Town
i.Pursue adding a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for Pat Patula, Town Archivist, into the HPC 2019/2020 budget. Marilyn and Wendy will continue to look into this
* Final Budget Review scheduled for March HPC meeting

Updating and Expanding the 1980 National Register of Historic Places Historic District Nomination progress report by Wendy
* HPC will receive Draft NR Nomination from Robinson & Associates on March 1st and will have one week to review prior to submission of Draft to MHT. Goal is to confirm that Draft NR Nomination is as HPC envisions based on previous reviews
* Gail will prepare reference document highlighting Commercial Corner, Infrastructure/Systems for inclusion as appropriate in NR Nomination supporting documentation. Gail to coordinate directly with Daria. Wendy notes that Robinson has been issued information of Systems/Structures and these items may already be included in document
* Wendy will forward Robinson & Associates updated comment/response worksheets for HPC review

Master Plan 2019 report by Gail
* Upcoming Planning Commission Work Sessions planned for March 20th, April 17th and May 15th
* Gail attended January work session – review made it through portion of Transportation Section 3. HPC comments were received well and included in Master Plan edits
* HPC should place review of Section 5 Recreation and Parks and Section 6
Environmental Concerns on March meeting agenda

Zoning Text Amendment Ordinances 2018-04 and 2018-05 – No Review

Planning Commission Report – No Review
* PC Meeting Schedule in January 15, 2019 Meeting Minutes re-issued
March – Bob
April – Robyn
May – Gail
June – Wendy
July – David

Town Council Report – No Review

New Business:

Annual Budget Review moved to “Old Business”

March 24th Film Society will be screening Wendy’s film

March HPC Agenda to include the following items:
Review of Final HPC Budget Request
Review of Master Plan Sections 5 and 6
Review of 409 5th Avenue “Appendix C” document and edit as appropriate

Adjournment at 9:30pm

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