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17 January 2005 | Approved: 21 February 2005

HPC members present: Bob Booher, Chair, Chris Kirtz, Ed Mroczka, Mimi Styles, and David Neumann. David Stopak attended as Town Council liaison.

The January 17th meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission began at 7:30 p.m. with the approval of the agenda. The Chair asked Chris Kirtz to take minutes and approved the minutes of the December meeting with minor revisions.

Review Session

The Commissioners examined a revised set of plans from Nancy Haskett for remodelling the garage at 205 Grove Avenue and connecting it to the principal residence dwelling at that address. Mimi Styles agreed to write the review.

Old Business

Ordinance Revision: The review of 205 Grove Avenue prompted a discussion of the Planning Commission’s proposed language change to the definition of "Accessory Building". Bob Booher noted that, inadvertantly, the Planning Commission’s proposed language which defines “Accessory Building” by exception might have the perverse effect of having "accessory" structures considered "non-accessory". Mr. Booher agreed to write a letter on behalf of the Commission pointing out this anomaly.

Rules of Procedure: The Commission reviewed, revised, and approved language for Section 1-3.1 of its Rules of Procedure. David Neumann agreed to provide language on Section 4-1 for discussion at the February Commission meeting.

Heritage Committee Volunteers: Chris Kirtz advised he had obtained the additional 3-ring photo albums necessary to start logging the three sets of Contributing Structure photos but that he needed the Commission’s thinking on how to mark the photos or the sleeves. After some discussion, the Commission decided to start with house and street dividers and Mimi Styles agreed to prepare them. The Commission’s thinking was that once the dividers were ready, they could schedule a work session to start to assemble the notebooks with the photos inserted alphabetically by street and by ascending street numbers.

Questionnaires: David Stopak indicated the receipt of an additional nearly 50 responses. Various Commission members agreed to meet with Mr. Stopak to tabulate these additional questionnaires and to assist in an overall assessment of what meaning[s] could be distilled from the responses.

Facades and Decks: The Commission agreed the best policy was to continue to review facades and decks on an "ad hoc" basis.

Cator Property: Bob Booher gave an update on the status of the Cator property and the Commission discussed various ways in which the property could best integrate additional structures.

New Business

HPC and Planning Commission Review Coordination:The Commission discussed the matter of items being presented to the HPC for review which appeared to already have been reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission. These discussions included the notion of asking for time on the Planning Commission Agenda to discuss this and perhaps after these discussions, a Bulletin annoucement specifying the agreed upon order of reviews and timing. Bob Booher agreed to discuss the timing of reviews and how to better integrate and coordinate our respective roles and responsibilities with Kathy Lehmann and with the Planning Commission.

Heritage Montgomery Opportunity: Chris Kirtz explained that Peggy Erickson who directs the Heritage Mongtomery Program had offered the HPC two opportunities. First, to set up a Washington Grove Walking Tour as part of Heritage Montgomery’s June 24th — 25th weekend, and second, to know Heritage Montgomery had some Grant Funds available for possible HPC use. The Commission felt the Woman’s Club would be a more appropriate sponsor for a possible Walking Tour and had no immediate Grant requests to put forth.

The next meeting scheduled for February 21, 2006.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:32 p.m.

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