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15 January 2013 | Approved: 19 February 2013

Members Bob Booher, David Stopak, Margot Bohan, Mimi Styles, Council Liaison Joli McCathran, and Gail Littlefield. Also present were Wendy Harris, Ken McCathran, Judy Mroczka, and Pat Patula, Town Archivist. The meeting began at 7:35 pm at the Town Council chambers.

Approval of Agenda and Adoption of Minutes.

The proposed agenda was adopted unanimously as revised. Oct 16, 2012, and December 18, 2012, minutes were approved as corrected..


None submitted for review.

Report by Council liaison.

Joli provided an update on the structural repairs for Town Hall. The structural engineer David Wallace conducted a further study of the Hall structure and recommended some temporary fixes, represented on the attached sheet. Joli reported that Council had approved spending $4999 for temporary fixes and $4999 for preparing a RFP for permanent repairs. The Council would like the HPC to provide comment on the repairs to the Hall. Use of the Hall will be curtailed pending repairs. Gail will do some preliminary research on possible sources of historic preservation grants to support the repairs. Council passed the new ordinance requiring outside entities to get a Town permit before digging, etc., on town property. (The HPC will seek clarification on HPC review of these permits.) The HPC budget needs to be ready to go to Council in February.

Town Bulletin.

Nothing new to report.


Gail and Bob reported on the Jan 10 meeting with National Park Service bridge experts. The Bridge committee will meet with MARC representatives.

PC Liaison.

Bob reported on the Jan xx PC meeting. Topics covered were new uses for the former Oakmont School, a new draft ordinance regulating decks, Towne Crest development plans, and recording of the new block survey.


Discussion was postponed.

Permit Review Procedures.

Margot will continue to draft revisions to the procedures currently on the web site, to make them more user friendly and to insert HPC review at an earlier stage in the process.

New Business..

–Towne Crest.

Towne Crest counsel have submitted a revised development plan, which will be the subject of a county Planning Board hearing in mid-February. Testimony will be taken. Dave Stopak will recommend to the HPC an appropriate strategy for the hearing. Also, the Town is appealing the Planning Board’s approval of Towne Crest’s Forest Management Plan.

–Oral histories.

The HPC sincerely appreciates the excellent work Judy Mroczka, Ken McCathran, and Pat Patula have done to create and preserve oral histories of Town residents and their memories of the Town’s past. Pat Patula reported that there are currently 40 CD’s in the Town archives representing oral histories from 1975-2009. In addition there are tape cassettes. Judy Mroczka reported that donor cards exist for oral histories done 2007 to present. The HPC and oral historians discussed the options for preserving the oral histories and making them available to the public.

Ken will proceed to copy the cassettes onto CD’s, and will prepare a summary of the best options and the requirements for placing them on the web, our website to the PP website. Pat will find out how much it would cost to place them on the PP website and find out whether there are any other organizations that may be a repository for them.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 pm.

Gail Littlefield

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