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20 July 2004 | Approved: 17 August 2004

HPC members present: Bob Booher, Chair, Chris Kirtz, Ed Mroczka, Bruce Rothrock, and David Neumann. David Stopak attended as liaison to the Town Council.

The July 20th meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission began at 7:30 p.m. with the approval of the agenda. The Chair asked Chris Kirtz to take minutes.

Open items from the last meeting

Oral History: Bob agreed to write letters to Tom Appleby who owns the Ryneck property and Carolyn Luxford offering to have us help develop a historic record of both properties.

Public Work Session

The Commission approved the June minutes with minor agreed upon edits.

The Commission again discussed the importance of their archival duties and agreed to: [a] prepare a bulletin notice asking all Town residents to Heritage Committee items to Missy Yachup or Mary Challstrom’s attention; and [b] discuss which archival items should be made website available and how they should be referenced at the August meeting.

The Commission discussed HPC funding and the importance of making sure the money currently earmarked for the Heritage Committee is available for HPC use. David Neumann proposed a formal abandonment of the Heritage Committee on the grounds the HPC had effectively incorporated the duties of the Heritage Committee. He further suggested that if additional assistance was needed for special projects we could solicit volunteers. David Stopak agreed that the HPC had effectively absorbed the Heritage Committee’s duties and said he would raise this issue at the next Town Council meeting.

Other Business

The Commission reviewed the various options for rebuilding the railroad bridge currently under discussion. David Stopak proposed the idea of an "ad hoc" group to gather history regarding seeing it is was feasible to annex the property the bridge is sitting upon. Mention was made of the fact that Gail Littlefield might have historical information available and that George Paine might have an interest from a Railroad perspective. David Stopak agreed to prepare short note for the Bulletin seeing if anyone wanted to join the "ad hoc" group.

The next meeting was set for August 17th.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:07 p.m.

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