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16 July 2019 | Approved: 20 August 2019

Members Present: Bob Booher, Wendy Harris, Robyn Renas, Mimi Styles, Darrell Andersen – TC Liaison
Attendees: Robert Johnson – PC
Members Absent: Gail Littlefield, David Stopak

Approval of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed and modified to: Delete Guidelines; Delete PC Report; Add Old Business “Demolition Memo”; Add New Business “Joint Venture HPC and Forest and Beautification Committee”. Modified agenda approved

Adoption of Minutes:

Meeting Minutes dated June 2019 were reviewed and approved.
Bob to forward Adopted Meeting Minutes to Town Office

Review Session:

203 Second Avenue – Shed Demolition and fence construction

  • Owner, Eva Polston, not in attendance
  • Existing Shed is constructed on two adjacent lots and has been identified as a shared Shed. It is assumed that there is a common wall or two wall structures at center of Shed where existing roof slopes to mid point.
  • Request to demolish portion of Shed at 203 Second Avenue and construct wood fence to match existing property fence along property line reviewed. Concern that Shed demolition may impact structural integrity of portion of Shed to remain on adjacent property. HPC to notify Owner of other half of shared Shed or request that Eva Polsten notify neighbor of planned demolition/work
  • Mimi to advise town office that we will not review this demolition and for the town to advise the owner of the other shed as to the intended demolition

211 Maple Avenue – Yachup Residence – Modifications to Existing Accessory Structure at rear of property and construction of one and one half story Garage structure with shed dormer

  • Height to new ridge identified as 20’-0” above existing grade
  • Materials indicate vinyl vertical board and batten at second floor gables and dormer; horizontal vinyl siding at first floor level
  • Shed dormer at second level is intended to mimic existing residence dormer
  • Mimi to issue HPC Review

Old Business:

Updating and Expanding the 1980 National Register of Historic Places Historic District Nomination progress report by Bob

  • Nomination is currently at MHT
  • No comments have been forwarded from Peter Kurtz yet
  • HPC to encourage review process as soon as possible in order to keep schedule on track. Wendy notes that Phase I Planning Study has been funded for extension of Amity Road. Phase I Study involves review of area historic resources and it would be beneficial to the Town to have NR finalized
  • Peter Kurtz had promised his review by end of June 2019

Master Plan 2019 report by Bob

  • Section 5 Parks and Recreation – Bob recommends that all Town parks move to section 5. This would include Maple Lake and separate parks from forests. Water issues surrounding Maple Lake discussed and Robert Johnson shared WG Stormwater Management Committee work to date
  • Section 6 Environmental Concerns
  • Section 7 Water Resources
  • Section 8 Commercial Corner – Historic context introduction text prepared by Gail to be forwarded to PC
  • Section 9 Development and Preservation – HPC has primary responsibility and will schedule sub-committee to work on review

Ordinance 2019-10 Adopting and Amendment to the WG Zoning Ordinance to modify Definition of Dormer and to Modify the Minimum Lot Line Standards for the RR-3 Zone – report by Bob

  • Washington Grove is exploring adding rules that would govern size of dormers in Attics or half stories in order to maintain zoning regulation of 2 story construction. Robyn notes that the Town of Chevy Chase has zoning regulation in place that sets maximum habitable space in an Attic as a percentage of the floor area of the floor directly beneath the Attic level. If the Town incorporates this approach in Ordinance 2019-10 it would eliminate the need to define dormer requirements
  • PC withdrew Ordinance at last meeting until further comment
  • HPC to forward suggested added Conditions to be placed on new house construction in RR-3 zone. Goal of Conditions is to assure that the new house be compatible with the character of the Grove and neighborhood.

MSA Tour (Maryland State Archives Tour) report by Mimi

  • Mimi has coordinated tour agenda and visitors from Maryland State Archives. The following visitors will be in attendance: Maria Day, Director of Special Collections & Conservation Megan Craynon, Deputy Director of Special Collections Jennifer Cruickshank, Senior Paper Conservator Camille DiMarco, Book Conservator and Collections Care Manager Morgan Miller, Archival Intern Erin Pogue, Conservation Intern Emily Crawford, Conservation Intern
  • Tour is scheduled for Monday July 22nd
  • Meeting and Welcome at Town Office followed by modified power point presentation at Women’s Club by Bob. Walking tour of Town and home tour of 301 First Avenue lead by Mimi

Archive Report – WG 150th Anniversary – table discussion planning until future year

Demolition Memo – Mimi

  • House located at 125 Grove has demolished front porch without obtaining approval or permit from Town. HPC is concerned that with no plan on record for planned repairs to front porch there is no assurance that what will be built is allowed. Construction indicates that a Sunroom or Porch with windows may be planned.
  • HPC to issue letter to owner of 125 Grove requesting details of planned construction and putting Owner on notice that if Porch is not rebuilt as per existing condition it will require review of HPC and PC with permit obtained. Robyn to draft notice letter

Bulletin Material – Mimi

  • Include highlight of Past Perfect On-Line archive resource for Town residents
  • Include notification of search for HPC Alternate – Robyn has agreed to remain as alternate until new volunteer found

Town Council Report – Darrell

  • Ordinance 2019-03 (authorizing sale of land occupied by a main building on Town land to the main building owner – Seegal and O’Connor) – Town attorney is reviewing language that would have land resort back to Town if Owner does not abide by all regulations placed on sale of land. Town adoption of Ordinance scheduled for August TC review
  • Deer culling moving forward with hunt scheduled for all or part of bow season from September through January. Resolution review in August
  • Speed hump modifications and new installations planned

New Business:

3 Ridge Road – Porch Renovation is not constructed as per submittal to HPC. Railings have been added between front porch tapered columns. HPC to send notice letter to owner requesting re-submittal to HPC

Joint Venture HPC and Forest and Beautification Committee to explore planting “Annabelle” hydrangeas on select walkways

Adjournment at 9:55pm

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