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17 June 2002 | Approved:

Present: David Neumann, Bob Booher, Clare Cavicchi, Larry French and Chris Kirtz

The meeting began at 7:40 p.m. on Thurs. June 17. Bob Booher took minutes.

A draft review of the application to build a house and garage at 217 Ridge Road was discussed. It was edited and revised for approval at the next meeting.

The minutes of the Meeting of May 30, 2002 were distributed but not approved. They will be approved at the next meeting.

David Neumann resigned as Chair of the HPC due to a conflict with other commitments, and Bob Booher was elected Chair. David Neumann was elected Vice Chair. Clare Cavicchi will continue as HPC liaison to and Chair of the Heritage Committee.

A walk study meeting was scheduled for 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 23. Note also that Larry will unavailable till after July 1. A second walk study meeting was scheduled for Sunday July 14. This meeting will also serve as our regular July meeting. (The June 23rd meeting was subsequently cancelled due to scheduling conflicts).

Suggested comments on the Revisions to the Master Plan were discussed. It was resolved to write a draft review at our next regular meeting in July.

Definitions of contributing and non-contributing were discussed along with methods of using both districts and classifications of individual structures in the review process. For the latter, classification based on age was determined to be the first criteria. The cutoff year for contributing structures, in general, was decided to be 1937, the year of incorporation and the year identified in the National Register application documents. A list of contributing structures prepared by the Heritage Committee was reviewed and provisionally adopted. The HPC will examine the individual structures identified by the Heritage Committee as inconsistent in order to assess the classifications based on current integrity and the extent to which they have been modified. Those structures to be assessed at this time are those built before 1937 that were not on the list, those that were misclassified, and those that have been subsequently identified as possibly contributing. The basis of classification will be subject to interpretation over time and may be further broken down into outstanding/important structures, those contributing as structures, and those contributing only as context. Notification of classification of residents or owners will be via the Bulletin and will be open to requests for adjustments.

Access to Heritage Committee computer files was discussed. It is hoped that the Chair of the Heritage Committee will be able to store files in McCathran Hall archives and on McCathran Hall computer. It will be necessary for the Heritage Committee Chair to have access to the archives. It was resolved to request that the mayor provide the Chair of the Heritage Committee with a key to the archives. Clare Cavicchi has been able to read the files on the houses and George Paine has agreed to help to show her how those files may be edited. They seem to be read-only at present.

Further discussion focused on methods and prior attempts at photographically document the Grove structures. The advantage for the work of the HPC of obtaining a digital camera and soliciting volunteers or interns to pursue this would be more accurate comparisons of the application being reviewed to its context.

Methods to process expedited applications for building permits and subdivision plans were discussed. Planning Commission (PC) would pass an application to HPC Chair. The HPC Chair would write expedited review and send back to PC. Copies of the review would be sent via e-mail to other members and possibly voted by e-mail vote over two- or three-day deadline.

Application types that the HPC would not review at all were discussed, e.g. internal repairs such as electrical wiring, plumbing, etc. Also discussed were fences and decks and patios, and the possibility of their being expedited. A provisional list of these types of construction will be adopted at the next meeting.

There was a brief presentation by Bob Booher on the progress on the Historic Field/Meadow on Ridge Road. The HPC will be requested to comment officially on the proposed development once the submission has been made.

The July meeting was set for Sunday july 14th at 4:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

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