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17 June 2014 | Approved: 19 August 2014

Members Bob Booher, Gail Littlefield, and Wendy Harris were present. The meeting began at 7:35 pm at the Town Council chambers.

Approval of Agenda and Adoption of Minutes.

The agenda was approved as modified. The minutes were approved subject to an addition from Georgette and corrections.

Permit review.

Joe Clark appeared with drawings of a roof extension project he was planning for one façade of his home at xxxx. The PC decided no Town permit was required, but recommended he consult with the HPC. The HPC agreed that no permit review was required and that the proposed roof extension was consistent with HPC design standards. Shelley Winkler appeared before the HPC for an early consultation on ideas for a rear screened porch she and her family are proposing for their home at 501 Brown St.. Bob suggested some optional design approaches that would be consistent with HPC design guidelines. A building permit and HPC review of the final plans will be required.

Town Council Report.

Georgette submitted a written TC report, attached.

PC meeting report.

Wendy reported on the June PC meeting that she had attended. Jim Snyder presented a new plan for a garage and connecting structure at his home at 201 Maple. Bob will contact Charlie Challstrom about applying the new HPC procedures to the Snyder plans. The current plan package is not adequate for HPC review. The PC discussed proposed ramps to accommo0date the mobility needs of a “wounded warrior” renting on Ridge Road. A county permit has been issued. The PC discussed whether there is an emergency PC review process. Nothing has come to the HPC. The HPC was of the opinion that mobility ramps were exempt from HPC review. The PC also discussed public way permits and whether paving a driveway across Town property required a public way permit and what standards should apply. This issue overlaps with town regulations on the maximum number of cars parked at a residence/driveway. The “non-compliance” list/survey was also discussed. The survey has covered the Circle and 4th Ave. Gail will attend the July PC meeting.

CSX Bridge.

Gail will contact Joli about how the HPC can monitor the bridge work.

Houses on Town property—proposed ordinance.

Building permit procedures HPC FAQ’s.

Wendy has finalized the FAQ’s. They will appear in the June Town bulletin and go into effect June 1, 2014. The HPC discussed the need to update the 2004 HPC procedures and Definitions. Mimi will draft some proposed changes.

Bulletin material.

Pat Patula will send bulletin material to Mimi and Kathy.

Steatite quarry.

The HPC is concerned about the protection of steatite quarries in the meadow. A plan is needed to prevent damage due to planting, landscaping, etc. The sites’ boundaries need to be established, so that responsible parties can be identified and included in planning. Wendy and David will approach Charlie about locating the quarries on the plat map.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 pm.

Gail Littlefield

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