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16 June 2020 | Approved: 21 July 2020

The zoom meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm. Present were Bob Booher, Wendy Harris, David Stopak, Mimi Styles, Gail Littlefield, and Council Liaison Darrell Anderson. The agenda was approved as modified. The topic of 5G installation in the Town was added. The December minutes were approved.

Project review

Mimi will write up HPC’s review for the project covered by the Brennan Cebula building permit application for a roof over part of their pool patio at 107 Pine.

WSSC and Public Ways and Property

WSSC work at 326/328 Ridge prompted a discussion of whether an arborist should be consulted on all permits seeking tree destruction. The consensus was that an arborist should be consulted. The Town has an on-call arborist who can be called in by Forestry and Beautification. Trenching has already been done at 326 Ridge, and will be required at 328 Ridge.

Darrell reported that originally WSSC had not wanted to repave Ridge Rd. where they are replacing sewage laterals, they just wanted to patch. There will be tree impact from WSSC work; the Department of Natural Resources was called in to evaluate and has provided its assessment.

Gail will draft an inventory of character-defining features of the Town’s public ways from the National Register Nomination for Bob to send to Georgette.

National Register Nomination copies

Mimi will draft instructions for MinuteMan to make copies the documents prepared by Robinson & Associates. For the Studies, Viewsheds will also be printed to support our PWPP work.

Master Plan re-read by HPC

Gail will write up any recommended changes/additions to the current Master Plan draft for HPC review at the next meeting.

Crabbs Branch Way Extended to Amity Drive

Wendy reported that Kyle Lukacs, project manager for MCDOT has agreed to provide consultant Sheladia Associates’ environmental studies for the project, which include cultural resources investigations (i.e., archaeological and historic preservation studies). Also, Gray Yacchup has been given the NR Nomination documentation regarding the Conservation Meadow.

PC Meeting Coverage for balance of 2020:


Town Council Report

Darrell reported on Maple Lake, proposed deer harvest, pesticide plan for the Woods. Two Town Meetings are scheduled for July 13, 7pm, regarding deer management and pesticide use on private property.


Dave Cosson had distributed some Programmatic Agreements regarding 5G adverse effects on historic resources. Wendy prefers the Madison, WI, model. The Town Council enacted an ordinance on 5G installations in the Town. Gail will contact Rebecca Ballo, Montgomery County Historic Preservation staff, regarding their experience with 5G installations.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm.


Gail Littlefield 7-22-2020

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