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15 March 2005 | Approved: 19 April 2005

HPC members present: Bob Booher, Chair, Chris Kirtz, Ed Mroczka, Bruce Rothrock and David Neumann. David Stopak attended as Town Council liaison.

The February 15th meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission began at 7:30 p.m. with the approval of the agenda. Chris Kirtz volunteered to take minutes. David Neumann chaired until Bob Booher’s arrival at 8:03 pm. The Commission approved the minutes of the February meeting with minor revisions.

Open items from the last meeting

Use of Clare Cavicchi’s materials: Bob Booher agreed to contact Ms. Cavicchi with some proposed stipulations on access to and the use of her materials which would be stored in one place and labeled as hers. David Neumann reported that he had arranged to have an attribution of Ms. Cavicchi’s Historic Preservation support posted on the Grove Website.

Archive Regulations: Bruce Rothrock drafted some proposed language for the Town Clerk’s use. Commission members agreed to review and agree upon final language via e-mail exchange.

FAR subcommittee: Bob Booher, Bruce Rothrock, and David Neumann met [as promised] and plan to meet again to continue to discuss the utility of suggested FAR protocols as a possible tool to help mandate design elements important to the HPC, e.g. bulk and massing.

Design Guidelines. The Commission reviewed and unanimously approved Design Guidelines prepared by Bob Booher and Ed Mroczka.

Heritage Committee Volunteers: Chris Kirtz updated the progress of having digital photographs of the major facades of the Contributing Structures set up to be shown at the March 9th Mansionization Conference.

Mansionization Conference. Chris Kirtz reported that, with Bruce Rothrock’s assistance, two walking tours were now planned — one focusing on the Circle and adjacent houses; the other including the Circle but having folks proceed down Grove Avenue to Brown to get a sense of the Town walkway design. Mr. Kirtz acknowledged Shelley Winkler and the Woman’s Club for assistance in arranging for experienced Grove Tour Guides.

Permit Application Process: David Stopak informed the Commission that the Permit Application Procedures worked upon by the HPC and the Planning Commission were adopted by the Town Council.

Bulletin: The Commission agreed to revisit what announcements they wanted in the Bulletin and how to best liaison with the Town Clerk.

ICC Involvement: Mr. Booher agreed to check with the Town Clerk to see if Washington Grove had formally been included in the 106 Review Process.

Public Review Session

David Neumann agreed to do a review of the proposed Accessory Building at 124 Chestnut; and Bob Booher agreed to write up 107 Grove Avenue.

The Commission listened to a presentation by the property owner and developer/contractor of 352 Ridge Road. The materials presented were so sparse and the planned changes so still in the planning phase, the Commission determined it could only make informal suggestions and could not prepare a Certificate of Review. David Neumann agreed to prepare a letter to this effect to send to the presenters on behalf of the HPC.

New Business

Mr. Booher reported the HPC needed to get its proposed 2005 Budget needs to Mary Challstrom as soon as possible. Commission members agreed to get their ideas to Mr. Booher via e-mail.

Award: The Commission approved the concept of making an Award and agreed to continue discussions regarding what form the award should take, e.g. Certificate, tax relief; what criteria to use in selecting the recipient[s]; and if there would be one award or a number for different categories.

The next meeting was scheduled for April 19, 2005.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:39 p.m.

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