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17 March 2015 | Approved: 21 April 2015

Members Present: Bob Booher, Wendy Harris, Gail Littlefield and Mimi Styles. Town Council Liaison, Georgette Cole, and Town Archivist, Patricia Patula, were also present, along with Town resident, Cynthia Werts. The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM.

Approval of Agenda

The proposed agenda was modified to include a discussion of the Washington Grove Preservation Award, and, Eva Polston’s house. The agenda was then approved and adopted, as amended.

Adoption of Minutes

The minutes of February 17, 2015, were reviewed. Two corrections were noted. Mimi moved to adopt the minutes, as corrected, and Gail seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.

Project Review Session

This discussion was postponed until next month since Dave Stopak wasn’t in attendance.

Council Report

Georgette submitted her report from the Town Council to the HPC. She noted that Darrell Anderson submitted a sheet of written comments regarding the Zoning Text Amendment 2015-01.

PC Meeting Report

Georgette submitted a brief report since the HPC did not have a member present at the PC meeting. She noted that the PC recommends that the Council adopt Ordinance 2015-03. She handed out a copy of the current draft, which includes the addition of Gail’s Whereas Clauses.


Patricia Patula presented a 2014 Archival Annual Report to the HPC for their review and guidance. Discussion followed on the items that need to be addressed, with HPC members agreeing to assist (subgroup) in working out the details, evaluating priorities and scheduling a work session for more in-depth discussions at a later date. Town archives projects that need to be addressed are:

  • Collection Care (Archives storage area)
  • Records Management (Website, Town Documents, Oral Histories, Photographs, Equipment)
  • Public Education (Advancement of the history of the Grove)

Montgomery Preservation Awards

Mimi agreed to represent the HPC at the awards presentation on Friday evening, March, 27th. Georgette, as Council Liaison to the HPC, will accompany Mimi to the ceremony.

Annual Budget

The first draft of the 2015 budget for the HPC has been submitted to the Town Council for review. After further discussion, the Commission will send additional recommendations to Mary Challstrom for review:

  1. Allowance for repair or replacement of the scanner currently being used in the office for scanning archival documents.
  2. Add $1,500.00 to the budget for three plaques: one to help identify the historic significance of Political Hill; one for the entrance to the Town, and, another one to identify the Town as a National Register Historic District.
  3. Increase the number of hours to 50 for the Archivist (the budget currently allows for 40 hours).
  4. Budget $500.00 in funds to allow HPC members to attend statewide conferences.

Houses on Town Property

  • 315 Grove Easement
    It was noted that the easement application for 315 Grove has been retracted by the homeowner. There is concern as to what will happen with all of the documentation prepared by the HPC. A request will be made to have this information included in the “house file” for this property for future reference.
  • Enabling Ordinance
    Georgette reported that a Public Hearing has been set for April 13th pertaining to Ordinance 2015-03. Changes have been made to the original proposal and it was presented to the PC for their review. All members were in agreement with the revised Ordinance, and, the Commission voted to approve it as rewritten.

    A motion was made by Mimi, seconded by Gail, to request one more month for the HPC to review consideration of the language in the document. The motion carried 3-0. An authorized representative of the HPC will make this request at the public hearing.

MHT – Preservation Tax Credits

Mimi will contact the representative (by phone) to get additional information regarding the benefits of tax credits. We need to be properly educated on this subject before requesting a presentation to Town residents.

Windows at 417 4th Avenue

Bob reported that he and Wendy met with the homeowner and requested that the original windows being replaced not be thrown away until they can be examined for any historic value.

WG Preservation Award

The list of all properties for consideration of the 2015 award was handed out for review. The Commission will vote at their next meeting.

Eva’s Polston’s House

Gail has agreed to draft language to ensure that the features from Ralph’s drawings are incorporated with the historical integrity features of the original photo.

Zoning Text Amendment

Bob will submit HPC comments on the proposed ZTA during the comment period, consistent with his and David’s testimony.


The Rubacks submitted a permit request (no photos or house location survey) for 104 Pine Avenue, for solar panels on the roof. Mimi will write up the review.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 p.m.

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