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19 March 2019 | Approved: 16 April 2019

Members Present: Bob Booher, Wendy Harris, Gail Littlefield, Robyn Renas, David Stopak, Mimi Styles
Attendees: Marilynn Frey, Pat Patula
Members Absent: Darrell Anderson – TC Liaison (available via conference call)

Approval of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed and modified to: Move Annual Budget Review to first discussion item Old Business; Add Review of Annual Report on Archives; Delete Guidelines; Delete Bulletin material; Modified agenda approved

Adoption of Minutes:

Meeting Minutes dated February 19, 2019 were reviewed and approved.
Robyn to forward Adopted Meeting Minutes to Town Office

Review Session:

Bryant Foreman – 412 4th Avenue
* Owner in attendance to introduce himself and his plans for the renovation
and addition to 412 4th Avenue. Sale of property in progress
* Owner plans to reside in residence and pursue renovation with assistance of
his father who has construction experience. Second floor addition planned for area of residence adjacent to Johnson’s Alley
* Washington Grove Planning and HPC process reviewed and property owner
encouraged to contact the Planning Commission with specific zoning questions

Old Business:

Annual Budget Review led by Marilynn Frey
* Follow up to February HPC Meeting Draft FY 2019/2020 HPC Budget
Reviewed as follows:
a. Working on obtaining Past Perfect online software prior to June 2019
in order to use previously allocated budget funds for this item. National Register Historic District Update – final invoice should be
paid prior to conclusion of fiscal year
b. Working on implementing Archive Room climate control system
installation prior to June 2019 in order to use previously allocated budget funds for this item. Link climate control system to generator
c. National Register Historic District work will be completed/invoiced
this year and new budget sum is not required
d. Add request for line item “Professional Services” sum of $2,500.
This line item can include funding for services of a Grants Writer
e. Include request for line item “Secretary Duties”
f. Include request for line item “Preservation Award”
g. Include request for line item “Archive Work”
h. Include increased sum request for “Archives Equipment/Plaque”
i. Add request for line item “Street Sign Renovation Project Archive
Video” sum of $2,500. A video of street sign history/renovation process would be an important Special Project for the HPC
j. List of potential Special Projects included in February 2019 HPC
Meeting Minutes.
k. Some Special Project funding would fall under capital improvements
such as infrastructure renovation of stone walls

Annual Report on Archives – Pat Patula
* Pat Patula, Town Archivist, presented 2018 Annual Report dated February
15, 2019 with the following highlights:
a. Collections Care – Archives Storage Area
b. Records Management Plan
c. Past Perfect Program
d. Town Website – make electronic historic records available to public
e. Equipment – implement uniform standards with State of MD
f. Public Education – National Register Nomination Update; Town Walking Tour; Street Sign Restoration – initiate documentary
g. Budget Recommendation Summary for 2019

Updating and Expanding the 1980 National Register of Historic Places Historic District Nomination progress report by Bob
* HPC received Draft NR Nomination from Robinson & Associates and HPC
review in progress. HPC majority considers Nomination acceptable to forward as Draft submission to MHT. HPC minority considers the Nomination unacceptable and requires expansion in history including Grove activism and requires additional State and local context criteria input.
* HPC edits should be limited to areas of previous review from worksheets
that have not been properly/adequately incorporated by Robinson & Associates into Nomination
* Wendy notes that this is Draft Nomination submission to MHT and MHT may dictate what is or is not included in final submission. Length of
our submission is in excess of other comparable nominations
* Delay by HPC is not desirable and it may result in our Nomination not be
included in the agenda for the Governor’s Consulting Committee’s October meeting (3x yearly meetings)
* Bob will compile all HPC edits and coordinate with Robinson & Associates

Master Plan 2019 report by Gail
* Previous work session did not finish review/edit of Transportation section
* Upcoming Planning Commission Work Sessions planned for April 17th and
May 15th
* HPC to look at Section 5 Recreation and Parks and Section 6 Environmental

315 Grove Avenue Ordinance update by Bob
* Ordinance still requires correction from HPC on siding material – aluminum
siding was removed and replaced with cement siding on northeast side of residence after structure fire at adjacent property several years ago

Planning Commission Report – Mimi

Town Council Report – Review of report submitted by Darrel

Review of 409 5th Avenue “Appendix C” document
* Owner of property, Bud O”Connor attended the January and February HPC
meeting and requested an update of this document
* HPC to review and edit this document

New Business:

March 24th Film Society will be screening Wendy’s film at McCathran Hall

Adjournment at 10:40pm

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