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18 November 2014 | Approved: 16 December 2014

Members Bob Booher, Gail Littlefield, Wendy Harris, Mimi Styles, and David Stopak were present. PC Chair Charlie Challstrom and TC liaison Georgette Cole were also present. Homeowner Jane Segall appeared, as did Homeowner Eva Polston and her architect Ralph Hurst. Later on homeowner Joe Clark appeared. The meeting began at 7:30 pm at the Town Council chambers.

Approval of Agenda and Adoption of Minutes.

The HPC voted to defer all matters on the agenda, except pending project and easement reviews . The October minutes were approved as corrected.

Houses on Town Property.

315 Grove Avenue.

Language drafted by Gail for insertion in the easement for 315 Grove Avenue and for an Addendum to the easement was discussed. It was decided to include the Second Avenue facade in the easement , as well as the porch on Second Avenue and overhangs of the Second Avenue façade and porch. Also included are the corners of the two Grove Avenue elevation corners of the addition and back porch which are on Town property, and those corners’ overhangs. Edits to the proposed easement language and Addendum language were discussed and agreed on.

203 Second Avenue.

Homeowner Eva Polston and her architect Ralph Hurst appeared with their plans for reconstruction of 203 Second Avenue, which was destroyed by fire. Drawings of two elevations were presented. Eva also presented her written request for an easement addressing part of her planned structure which will lie on Town property. Snider will prepare a drawing of the footprint of the proposed building and its overhangs. Ralph gave a verbal description of the remaining elevations and materials. The new structure will be centered on the lot, with 10.5’ and 10.2’ set backs from side property lines. The front porch will be the size and shape of the original. Ralph will provide the missing elevations and materials list. Georgette raised the issue of providing plans and easement requests in advance of the meeting where they will be considered and reviewed.

Building permit review.

Homeowner Joe Clark walked in to the meeting with plans for a ½ story addition to a shop building on his property, 402 Grove Avenue. Mr. Clark will make changes to his plans to bring them into line with Town permit requirements. He expressed his frustration with the HPC and PC regarding inadequate notice of project plan requirements.

Council Report.

Georgette will submit her TC report by email.

Public Ways permits.

Pepco is seeking a public ways permit regarding light posts. The HPC has a role in Public Ways permit reviews and wants to see the permit request.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 pm.

Gail Littlefield

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