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15 October 2013 | Approved: 19 November 2013

Members Bob Booher, Gail Littlefield, Wendy Harris and Council Liaison Joli McCathran were present. The meeting began at 8:00 pm at the Town Council chambers.

Approval of Agenda and Adoption of Minutes.

An oral agenda was approved. The September minutes were approved.


The only projects submitted for early review were from the WSSC. The WSSC submitted its contractor’s (URS) plans for relining the Town’s sewer pipes, thereby impacting Town streets and paths, where manholes are located, and for accessing through the meadow water mains located beyond the end of Brown St extended, near the settlement pond.

Bob will write up the HPC’s comments on the plans and send them to the PC for their consideration in responding to the WSSC and in their future consideration of the WSSC’s county and Town permit applications.

HPC discussion raised the following questions, recommendations, and potential issues:

  • what is in the consent decree between WSSC and EPA?
  • in the plans, the WSSC and the contractor should acknowledge that the walkways are part of the significance/character-defining features of the National Register historic district and that their character must be preserved, and any loss of material should be replaced in kind (e.g. gravel, grass, dirt);
  • recommend a final walk-through of work sites with Town representatives, contractor and WSSC to nail down details and take “before” photographs; include Parks in the field walk-through;
  • will there be a permit issued by Parks and Planning?
  • should noise abatement be addressed?
  • need more information on mulch mats;
  • avoid tree removal and root damage;
  • include that bollards must be repositioned to prevent incursions into meadow;
  • include must retain tree line and view shed; (Wendy will provide language)
  • include reference to sensitive area of quarry and archeology; (Wendy will provide language)
  • include plans for staging areas.

Public Ways and Property permits.

HPC members agreed that the HPC should review “Public Ways and Property” work proposals and permit applications, and provide comments to the PC if appropriate, in order to protect the historic integrity of the Historic District and the field.

Bob will review the Public Ways ordinance with an eye to how to ensure timely appropriate HPC reviews of permit applications/proposals. He will write to Georgette re HPC’s intention to be part of that process.

PC meeting.

Gail reported on the Oct 2 PC meeting she attended, including the WSSC plans above. PC members had not considered HPC participation in Public Ways permit applications.

Recently Fios dug a shallow trench through the Sacred Circle without seeking a permit.
The PC agreed to make the WSSC plans available to Bob Booher for his review on behalf of the HPC.

Wendy and Mimi attended the Sept 26th “non-compliance” workshop sponsored by the PC, regarding how to better inform residents of the Town zoning requirements. Another workshop will follow.

Zoning changes.

The HPC discussed and shares the PC concerns with the proposal to amend MC zoning.

Demolition by Neglect.

Gail had distributed links regarding demolition by neglect. She will draft a definition and purpose statement for HPC consideration.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 pm.

Gail Littlefield

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