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23 October 2018 | Approved:

*Tuesday October 23, 2018 7:30pm (meeting date rescheduled due to lack of quorum at October 16, 2018 meeting)

Members Present: Bob Booher, Wendy Harris, David Stopak, Mimi Styles
Attendees: Robyn Renas
Members Absent: Gail Littlefield; TC Liaison Darrell Anderson

Approval of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed and modified with consideration for time

Adoption of Minutes:

Meeting Minutes dated May 15, 2018 were previously reviewed and approved but require revision and recordation by Gail and Bob.

Meeting Minutes dated August 21, 2018 were reviewed and approved with the following modifications: an Ordinance would be drafted with regard to Accessory Dwelling Units; MHT/HPC will review emergency generator easement compliance.

Meeting Minutes dated September 20, 2018 were reviewed and approved with date blanks to be filled in.

Review Session:

Review of submittal for one story rear addition and second story front and rear shed dormer addition for 116 Ridge Road as prepared by Ralph Hurst Architect.
Report prepared by Mimi Styles – attached

Re-review of previous submittal of Application for Sale of Town Property at 315 Grove Avenue to Jane Seegal. HPC draft recommendation letter to the Town Council reviewed with the following modifications agreed to by members present.

  • Correct type-o’s in paragraph 2: “constructed”; “may”.
  • Add to current paragraph 3 – identify Ordinance number and enacted date
  • Paragraph 4, number 4 to read: “Revising the first covenant D.1 to include the reference to the description provided in Exhibit C”.
  • Paragraph 4, number 5: Add reference to D.1; Add period at conclusion sentence.
  • Paragraph 4, number 5: Added subsections to be identified with lower case letters instead of numbers to avoid conflict with identified modification numbers.
  • Paragraph 3 to be relocated to location just prior to conclusion paragraph.

Bob to make changes and distribute to HPC and Jane Seegal prior to formal vote scheduled for November HPC meeting. Once approved, recommendation letter to be sent to the Town Council for review at the December TC meeting.

Old Business:

Updating and Expanding the 1980 National Register of Historic Places Historic District Nomination progress report by Wendy.

  1. Phase I Architectural Survey, Cultural Landscape Analysis, Context Report and Final Report previously distributed to HPC for comment.
  2. Members to forward any comments to Daria Gasparini of Robinson & Associates by November 6, 2018.
  3. Comments are being compiled in a worksheet/spreadsheet format which will organize the review of the document by multiple HPC members.
  4. Further review input from Claire Kelly has been solicited.
  5. Additional input from identified contributors and final edits to be coordinated by Robinson & Associates.
  6. Further discussion required on how to identify “contributing structures” based on style of house or combination of character defining features.

Bulletin Material – Mimi states that no bulletin material will be included in November Town newsletter.

MAHD Tour Report –
Tour was well attended and received good reviews. Three home interiors were included: Knight, Kurtz and Styles. Large display boards with historic structure photographs were located in the Town where the structure had originally been situated. These images were very interesting and the possibility of creating permanent bronze plaque historic markers was discussed.
Future Special Meeting may be planned with the HPC and MAHDC/MHPC in order to review “volunteer” status of HPC and review possible methods of protecting Town contributing structures from demolition.

Planning Commission Report – No report

Town Council Report – Darrell Anderson
HPC would like to review generator fence design prior to approval.
HPC to interact with TC and PC to work on the processes for review of Ordinances and Resolutions so all parties have opportunity for review and input.

New Business:

See MAHD Tour Report possible future special joint meeting of HPC and MAHD

Adjournment at 9:30pm

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