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20 September 2005 | Approved: 18 October 2005

Present: Bob Booher, Chris Kirtz, Mimi Styles, David Neumann. David Stopak attended as Council Liaison. The meeting began at 7:30 p.m. Bob Booher took minutes.

The agenda included applications for a porch replacement at 121 Chestnut, a demolition and new house at 115 Chestnut and an early consultation with Margo Cavanaugh on work for her house at 125 Chestnut. Minutes of the previous meeting were not completed.

Public Review Session

121 Chestnut: Demolition of a concrete stoop and construction of a porch along the full front of the house facing Chestnut Ave. The Buckleys presented their design and answered questions. Mimi Styles wrote the review.

115 Chestnut: Demolition of a contributing structure and construction of a new house. Incomplete information was submitted. No review was possible.

125 Chestnut: Modest changes to both the front and back of the house were described by Margo Cavanaugh that included screen porch on the front of the house and a roof extension for the rear. The house is not contributing and the changes are compatible with the house and neighborhood in scale and character. Several helpful suggestions were offered and she was encouraged to return when the design is further along. Bob Booher wrote the review.

Public Work Session

Chris reported that Missy has started again working 8 hours/week on cataloguing present material and will be ready to coordinate input for the database after the first of the year.

Printing record photos:
Chris has secured a source to print the photos taken of all the contributing structures. Three copies will be made, one for use by the HPC during their meetings, one will be placed in the Archive as part of an ongoing every 10 year record, and one will be offered to the Planning Commission for their use.

The questionnaire will go out with the Bulletin on the 27th. Kathy will begin receiving copies of the completed questionnaires at the Town Hall. The HPC will review them once there are sufficient quantities and will assess how to tabulate and analyze the results. Volunteers may be organized to help in the tabulation.

407 Acorn Lane:
There was discussion of the controversy raised regarding the addition to Bruce Rothrock & Judy’s Banikowski’s house. The Planning Commission reviewed the issues of setback and height and recommended a determination of whether Johnson’s Alley was Town property and if so a survey to determine where the property line was. These issues did not address the changes to the design subsequent to obtaining the permit. Though the changes would likely not affect the approvability of the project by the Planning Commission, they raise the issue of whether there is any assurance that any design will be executed as submitted and approved, and what changes are allowed to be made without review by the Town. In this case, the originally submitted design was altered in several ways that resulted in the both the ridge and the first floor eave line being raised several feet. This resulted in a significant increase the scale of the addition both in relation to the original house and in relation to the neighborhood. In addition, the recommendations made by the HPC recommending reduction in the scale of the dormer and use of materials to reduce the apparent scale were not incorporated. The Commission made no decisions as to what course to follow to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

315 Grove Ave:
There was also discussion regarding enclosure of the porch on Chris’ rental house. Chris described his reasoning regarding the seasonal nature of the “storm doors” and reviewed his letter addressed to John McClelland and the Mayor. He will pursue discussions with them to resolve the differences, but it raises serious issues regarding allowable modifications to houses that sit partially on Town property.

Next meeting will be Tues, October 18, 2005.

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