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21 September 2010 | Approved: 19 October 2010

Present: Bob Booher, Sandy Klingenberg, Mimi Styles, David Stopak, David Neumann. John McClelland was present to discuss his plans for his project. The meeting began at 7:30 p.m. David Neumann took minutes.

Approval of Agenda and Adoption of Minutes

The proposed agenda was reviewed, modified and adopted. The council report, discussion of the permitting procedure, and coordination of talks with the Woman’s Club were postponed. There was no discussion of changes to the list of contributing structures, or funds from the MHT for endangered structures.

Minutes for the August 17, 2010 regular HPC meeting were approved subject to a few changes. They will be sent on to the Town Web Master and Town Clerk. David Neumann said he would assist David Stopak to get the approved minutes for May and the June (to be approved) submitted to the Town Web site.

Project Review

John McClelland, 110 Grove Ave. presented his plans to enclose the open entrance porch which faces south west on the rear (Chestnut Road side) of his house. The application permit and hand drawn plans were sufficient for a review. They were read, studied, and discussed by the members. The review will be written by Mimi Styles.

HPC Rules of Procedure

The meeting was largely devoted to discussing the Rules of Procedure for the HPC. Changes were made to Sections 2 through 6 in Draft 20. David Neumann will edit the material and send out the revised draft Rules of Procedure to HPC members as Draft No. 21. Members will read the draft and be ready to vote on accepting it, or a substantial portion of the document, at the next meeting. How to deal with (a) demolitions and (b) non-structural renovations were mentioned.

PC/HPC work session on Mansionization

The members discussed subgroup preparation for the upcoming work session on Mansionization. That meeting was postponed from Sept. 22, 2010 to Sept. 29, 2010. We discussed the progress of the FAR/Max-SF subgroup. It was resolved that the Trigger Group would meet before Sept. 29 and Bob Booher would arrange that meeting.

Ordinance Review

Members discussed changes the HPC might suggest to the TC and/or PC in Art. IV Sec. 5 (a) and (b).

Visit by Alexander Za’brek

Mr. Za’brek of zbk.imperial architectural design group came to the meeting to learn about the HPC functions and to discuss ways that his firm could be of assistance to the HPC and the Town. He provided a computer presentation of his photographs of the Town and explained some of the difficulties of photographing the houses and structures in the Town.


The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 7:30pm in the McCathran Hall meeting room.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 p.m.

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