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15 Septembeer 2015 | Approved: 20 October 2015

Bob Booher, Wendy Harris and Mimi Styles. Georgette Cole, Town Council Liaison, and Cynthia Werts, Town resident, were also present. The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM.

Approval of Agenda

Discussion on some items was postponed until October. The agenda was then approved and adopted.

Adoption of Minutes

The draft minutes of August 18, 2015, were reviewed with two corrections noted. Mimi moved to adopt the minutes, as amended, seconded by Wendy. The motion carried unanimously.


Jeff & Arlene McCrehan (410 Brown Street) submitted a building permit application for the installation of roof solar panels. The application included detailed drawings & plans for 18 panels to be installed flush to the roof on the backside of the house facing Railroad Street. The HPC reviewed and approved the plans, as submitted, and the review will be sent to the Planning Commission for their meeting in October.


Wendy will continue assembling a draft document of the HPC records. Further discussion on the Record Management Plan will be postponed until the October meeting so Gail and Pat Patula can present a report from their visit to the State Archives on August 20th.

Permit Reviews

Bob reported that he has not completed written documentation on Procedure Revisions to present to the Town Council for review. He is also still working on preparing a checklist for Article IV Section 5 Projects for the HPC to review at the October meeting.

Town Council Report

Georgette reviewed several topics discussed at the TC meeting on September 14th:

  • Ann Briggs and John Compton presented a proposal to form a new committee to work with Forestry & Beautification on plans to help replenish and protect the Town’s upper tree canopy. A Forestry & Beautification meeting will be scheduled in October to discuss ideas.
  • Mark Frederiksen is the Chair of the newly formed Emergency Preparedness & Response Committee
  • Vacant Properties – a task force has been assembled by the Mayor and she is writing the charge to guide their work. David Stopak will represent the HPC.

PC Meeting Report

Georgette reported that the Planning Commission accepted the Bock 11 Survey for lots 2, 3, and 4. Some personal property will need to be removed from town land. The PC will prepare an ordinance to allow the residents in the properties affected by this block survey to construct a 6’ privacy fence facing the alley.

Georgette also reported that the fence permit for 404 Grove Avenue was rejected because a corner marker was removed by PEPCO (the homeowner will need to contact them to get the issue resolved). A provisional building permit has been granted until the corner marker is reestablished in the proper location.

Bulletin Material

Mimi reported that a few more myths & facts on old windows will be published in the next Town bulletin.
With no further business to discuss, Mimi made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Wendy. Adjournment was at 8:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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