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20 September 2018 | Approved: 24 October 2018

Present: Bob Booher, Mimi Styles, Wendy Harris, Gail Littlefield and David Stopak. Resident Jane Seegal also attended. The meeting had been moved from Tuesday to Thursday due to scheduling conflicts and began at 7:30 p.m. Bob Booher took minutes.

Approval of Agenda and Adoption of Minutes

The proposed agenda was modified and then adopted unanimously. Review of Minutes for several HPC meetings written by Gail were postponed until the October meeting. David will complete and forward the July minutes. Bob will be away during the next meeting.

Project Reviews

There were 3 project reviews, two identical and adjacent carports at 203 & 205 Washington Grove Lane and a shed at354 Ridge Road. Mimi felt there was sufficient information for her to complete the reviews without other comments from the Commission.

Review of the Ordinance Authorizing the Sale of Land by a Main Building at 315 Grove Avenue

This proposed ordinance was initially reviewed at the August meeting. Bob had made the changes discussed at the meeting and had forwarded to the other Commissioners in advance of this meeting.
There was much discussion about this and the two zoning text changes passed by the Council that define repairs. The intent was to provide an avenue for the owner to make in-kind repairs without needing review or a permit, but have any changes reviewed by the Town. Further changes were discussed amongst members and Jane, and agreed to. Later in the meeting several other changes were then discussed. Gail volunteered to forge the verbiage for the changes. Bob agreed to incorporate them into the HPC’s revisions and forward again to the Commissioners for approval at the next meeting.

In addition, the HPC must make a determination “whether public ownership serves any present or foreseeable public use or function”. David pointed out that the continuance of the porch as part of the Second Avenue streetscape could be considered a “public use or function”. The intent of the ordinance language was likely made with the more conventional definition of these terms as applying to the land itself. As the historically common use of the Avenue as a walking path had always accommodated the porch, and the desire of the Town would be to keep the porch, there would not be a reasonably foreseeable other use for the land. It was agreed to forward an explanation of these interpretations.

Ordinances 2018-04 & 05

Multiple versions of these two ordinances were put forward and the HPC did not have the proper version to review at its August meeting. Unfortunately they were passed by the Council without HPC comments. Bob sent comments to the Commissioners and to Darrell Anderson prior to this meeting. The comments were discussed but a path forward was not determined. Bob offered to meet with the Mayor and PC Chair to determine what to do.

National Register Nomination Contract

Wendy submitted a written summary of the NR status including their proposed timeline. Robinson Associates is finalizing the Phase 1 Preliminary Architectural Survey, and the Phase 1 Preliminary Cultural Landscape Analysis, and Historic context Report, drafts of which we have had for two months. Wendy requested any final comments need to be provided by September 30 for them to progress to Phase 2. They have scheduled October 29 for the draft viewshed documentation and boundary which will be forwarded to MHT and then finalizing the nomination submission for the end of January. The group felt that there were questions that needed discussing with the firm before that happens so agreed to suggest a special meeting when Gail returned from her travels. December was suggested, but subsequently revised to attempt to coordinate it earlier. It was also felt that the January finish date could be pushed further into the spring.

Masterplan recommendations

Gail and Bob forwarded their suggested revisions to the Masterplan. There was not time to discuss, so it was postponed until the next meeting.


Mimi has made progress on the plans for the tour. Four houses have volunteered: Mimi, Margot & Ned (subsequently dropped out), Betty Knight and Chris Kirtz. Rain date: 28th. No need to limit the attendance. Pat has suggested setting our old photos on tables. Assistance is needed to set up.

Design Guidelines

No discussion.

Bulletin Material

Mimi will mention the Tour again.

PC Meeting Report

Mimi reported that the Hall generator contract was awarded. Bob will contact Audrey to help with the submission to MHT.

Council Report

Darrell was absent.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 pm. The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 16, 2018, at 7:30pm in the McCathran Hall meeting room.


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