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PeopleIn Spring 2022, the Racial and Social Equity Committee (RASEC) conducted an Inclusion and Equity Survey to learn:

  • what you value in your community,
  • what you have experienced in Washington Grove, and
  • what you think about diversity, equity and inclusion in town,

and to understand what our community believes about:

  • the concepts of justness, fairness, and belonging,
  • having a voice in civic affairs, and
  • putting into practice one’s beliefs and engaging in civic participation.

In addition to helping us define priorities for RASEC’s work, we hope the survey will lead everyone to think about ways to foster an inclusive town where people of diverse backgrounds can thrive.

The results of that survey have now been analyzed and will be presented in five virtual meetings.  The first of these meetings will be held Monday, September 18, 2023.  In four of the meetings, data from specific sections of the survey will be shared.  We hope the results will spark discussions and ideas.  The fifth presentation will summarize and share recommendations that incorporate community feedback from the previous discussions.

All presentations are scheduled on Mondays from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm and will be presented on Zoom at this location (Meeting ID: 845 3183 2805; Passcode: 490940).

  • September 18: Demographics, Living in Washington Grove
  • October 16:  Increasing Diversity, Equity and Bias
  • October 30:  Belonging, Discrimination and Bias
  • November 20:  Town Meeting Attendance, Application of Town Rules
  • (Date TBD) : Final Conclusions, Next Steps, Wrap Up

Following these presentations, a final report will be sent to the Town Council no later than December 5 and posted on the Town website. It will include aggregated data, graphic depictions of the survey respondents’ comments, and sentiments expressed by residents. RASEC may organize additional discussions or focus groups.

If you have any questions please call Paula Puglisi.


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