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Looking for new ideas for your garden? Hoping for natural solutions that encourage and support a healthy ecosystem for your yard?

The Woman’s Club and the Forestry & Beautification Committee co-hosted a free Zoom seminar Going Native: How to Turn Your Yard into a Habitat for Nature on Thursday, March 17, 2022.  View a video recording of the presentation (YouTube; 57 min.).

The speakers were Bruce Daggy and Anne Vincent, who moved to Washington Grove from California in September 2021. They are avid gardeners and enjoy bird and wildlife watching. Their approach to gardening is influenced by the teachings of University of Delaware Professor Doug Tallamy. Anne and Bruce will discuss Tallamy’s approach to gardening, how they applied the principles in their former home garden and two community gardens in California, and how they will be applying the same principles here.

Bruce is a biologist with a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry; his interest in gardening started from an ecology and human nutrition perspective.  Anne is a retired entrepreneur who absorbed gardening knowledge from her parents’ listed garden in England.  She designed their California home garden and one of the community gardens there.

Participants heard about this approach to gardening that supports nature and nurtures the soul, and learned about local resources for gardeners.

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