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Ordinance 2018-13pdf  (adopting amendments to Article X election procedures)

Charlie Challstrom moved enactment of Ordinance 2018-13 (minutes of public hearing) as presented. Rob Gilmore seconded the motion. Discussion included:

  • The absence of a provision for emergency absentee balloting.
  • The barring of political activities and First Amendment freedom of expression rights.
  • Town nominations process
  • Handling of absentee ballots and election procedures

Charlie Challstrom moved, and Rob Gilmore seconded, amendment to restore the provision for Emergency Absentee Balloting using language provided by the Elections Procedures Modernization Work Group. Vote: 6-0, accepted.
Marida Hines moved to remove the clause “or solicit others to sign a certificate of nominations” from Section 5.2(C). Rob Gilmore seconded the motion. Vote: 6-0 accepted
Marida Hines moved to amend Section 4.3(e) referncing election balloting by adding “Such procedures will be developed by the Board and submitted for review and approval by the Town Council” as the second sentence in that section. Rob Gilmore seconded the motion. Vote: 6-0. Accepted

Vote on the Ordinance: 6-0, adopted as amended.

Additional Action: the Town Council will discuss the idea of absentee balloting at Town Meetings, put forth by Marc Hansen in his Public Hearing testimony, at the January Council Meeting.

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