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4 April 2000 | Approved: 2 May 2000

Jim Leng called the meeting to order at 9:00 p.m. Present: Commissioners Bob Evans, John McClelland, Irene Carrato, Peggy Odick and Allen Winter were present. Commissioner Vicki Andrews was absent. Also present was Mike Voigt (Washington Grove Hills resident).

Jim Leng welcomed Peggy Odick as a new member of the Planning Commission.

The minutes from the Planning Commission meeting on March 7, 2000 was unanimously approved as corrected.

Jim Leng said that John Compton had spoken with a representative of Montgomery County regarding the speedbump issue. A Town resident said that there have been no complaints from County residents regarding vibration from speedbumps. Allen Winter said that the Town has received two letters from one Washington Grove resident, complaining about the speedbump in front of his house.

A permit has been granted to Greg Herold for a deck addition to his house.

Jim Leng said that there is a question pending: if the Casey property was developed and houses were built facing away from Ridge Road, they would have a driveway on their street. However, what would prevent the residents from having another (rear) driveway made for entry to their property? There would also be a speedbump issue.

Bill Miller, Jim Leng and John Compton recently met with representatives from the Community Development Corporation ("CDC") through the City of Gaithersburg. The CDC advises the City’s Planning Commission regarding structures to be built/maintained/renovated in an "old town". The City would like ideas from the Town of Washington Grove as to what the Town would like to see at the east end of the entrance to the City of Gaithersburg.

There would be no automotive businesses other than Winkler’s Automotive. Jim Leng said he told the members of the CDC that he would take this request to the Town’s Planning Commission.

There is an application pending before the Gaithersburg Planning Commission to make the former Williams Feed site into a storage facility (to leave the old grainery and develop the property used for the landscaping business into a storage facility). The CDC does not like this idea. Jim asked if the Town might prefer sidewalks and stores for the walking area between the Town of Washington Grove and the City of Gaithersburg. It was agreed that this topic would be left open for 60 days (until the Town Meeting).

The drainage system on Brown Street (extended) is not working. The Mayor and Town Council are going to seek a fine to persuade the developer to fix it. Curbs have been added on one side of Brown Street.

It was moved by Allen Winter, seconded by John McClelland and unanimously approved that the meeting adjourn.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

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