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2 April 2002 | Approved: 4 June 2002

Chairman John McClelland called the meeting to order at 7:36 p.m. In attendance were Commissioners Darrell Anderson, Bob Evans, John McClelland and Bud O’Connor. Allen Winter was also present.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes for March were approved as corrected.

Forest Preserve/Town-Owned Lots

As an informational aside, Allen Winter related that “years ago” the Planning Commission had discussed the issue of town-owned lots bordering the Forest Preserve behind the properties on Center Street and voted to keep them as Preserve. The Town Council approved the action but it was never pursued legally.

102 Center Street Addition

John McClelland reported that the addition currently being built on the Kirtz property at 102 Center Street is not what was approved by the Planning Commission. At a meeting with John McClelland, Mr. Kirtz claimed that it was a misunderstanding and that he wasn’t aware of the ordinances. Mr. McClelland notified Mayor Compton of the issue and Town Attorney Bill Roberts was consulted and recommended a Stop Work Order be issued.

On a related issue, the Historic Preservation Commission has recommended investigating the possibility of hiring a third party to inspect town projects requiring a building permit to verify that they meet ordinances and match the approved permit.

Cator Property

John McClelland reported that he recommended to Shirl Harrison, owner of the Cator property at 17050 Railroad Street, that she contact the County to determine decibel level requirements because of her property’s close proximity to the railroad. He also notified her that the smallest lot’s dimensions need to be adjusted to meet Town requirements.

Subdivision Ordinance Revision

John McClelland reported asking the Historic Preservation Commission at their last meeting to work on fine-tuning the subdivision ordinances and to address the problem of construction or enlargement of houses and their size relative to adjacent houses (scale).

Town Council Report

Darrell Anderson reported that the Town Council will be discussing subdivision and scale at the next Council Meeting and will be consulting with Bill Roberts to see what he recommends.

Building Permit Report

John McClelland reported that a letter would be sent to Mike Voigt regarding a permit for the gate on his property. Also, a request for a permit for a shed on the Silber property at 110 Ridge Road was forwarded to the Historic Preservation Commission.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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