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24 February 2000 | Approved: 7 March 2000

Jim Leng called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. Commissioners Vicki Andrews, Irene Carrato, Bob Evans, John McClelland and Allen Winter were present. Also present were Harry Stone of Bell, Rehder and Rose (commercial corner – Atlantis Associates); Councilor Dave Gumula; Town residents Brian and Della Curenton; and Mike Voigt (Washington Grove Hills resident).

Jim Leng stated that this special meeting was intended as a work session to discuss the proposed text amendment regarding the Town’s commercial corner. He also said that the Commission should be “comfortable enough” with the wording of the use regulations before sending the proposed changes to the Council.

It was moved by Irene Carrato and seconded that items (j) and (n) be eliminated from the permitted uses under Section 8.2.

It was moved by Bob Evans and seconded by John McClelland that Sections 4.2 ("Definitions"), 8.2 ("Use Regulations") and 8.2B ("Special Exceptions") be accepted as corrected:

4.2 Definitions.

Household Service Business – A business offering services to the public generally on a retail level for the repair, maintenance, service or upgrade of personal property typically found in a household, excluding, however, any such services relating to motor vehicles, vessels, aircraft or petroleum-powered equipment.

8.2 Use Regulations.

  1. Electronics, computer and television repair for the public generally.
  2. Upholstery repair for the public generally.
  3. Deleted.
  4. Photography studio for the public generally.
  5. Locksmith for the public generally.
  6. Watch repair for the public generally.
  7. Deleted.
  8. Professional and academic training for the public generally.
  9. New bicycle sales and/or repair for the public generally.

8.2B Special Exceptions.

  1. In addition to the service businesses permitted by right pursuant to Section 8.2 hereof, such Household Service Businesses may be allowed by special exception provided that the applicant shows by clear and convincing evidence that said use would not significantly burden the Town of Washington Grove with increased noise, litter or pedestrian or vehicular traffic aor present an increase in risk to the health or safety of the residents of the Town of Washington rove, visitors thereto, or sojourners therein.

Irene Carrato asked if anyone knew whether Dave Shepard would be submitting a text amendment. Allen Winter said that he did not know if Mr. Shepard was submitting a text amendment. Harry Stone said that Mr. Shepard had been given the information he needed in order to do this.

It was agreed by the Commission that no other business could be acted upon at this meeting since it was a special session.

Vicki Andrews, Irene Carrato, Allen Winter, John McClelland and Bob Evans voted in favor of sending the proposed text amendment, as corrected, to the Council; Jim Leng was opposed.

It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved that the meeting be adjourned.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

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