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5 February 2002 | Approved: 5 March 2002

Chairman John McClelland called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. In attendance were Commissioners Darrell Anderson, Vicki Andrews, Bob Evans and Bud O’Connor. Town residents Charlie Challstrom, Peggy Odick and Allen Winter were present, as were Steve and Shirl Harrison, owners of the Cator property at 17050 Railroad Street.

Approval of Minutes

Bob Evans moved, Darrell Anderson seconded, that the Planning Commission minutes of January 8, 2002 be approved as corrected. Vote: 4-0.

Cator Property

Steve and Shirl Harrison presented a sketch plan for subdivision of their2-acre parcel that is located between Railroad Street and the railroad tracks adjacent to Washington Grove. The plan, prepared by Joe Snider of Snider & Associates, shows eight lots with driveways onto a cul-de-sac. The cul-de-sac is shown to exit onto Railroad Street close to the existing dwelling. The Harrisons have proposed to place the property in the Town’s RR-2 zone (minimum 7,500 square foot lot size) stating that they would like to be annexed by the Town if an acceptable agreement can be reached about zoning and development of the property.

John McClelland said that he had recommended that the Harrisons consider the less dense RR-1 zone (minimum 11,250 square foot lot size) when they had attended an earlier Planning Commission meeting. The Town is currently opposing one dense residential development proposed for the Casey industrial property south of Robert’s Oxygen and is advocating for less density on the Casey residential property adjacent to Ridge Road.

Shirl Harrison said that she would continue to investigate ownership of a 25-foot strip along the northwest side of her property and ownership of the park along Railroad Street to the northwest is yet to be determined. The Town’s Forest Conservation Ordinance was discussed.

Ms. Harrison said that she would like to have one assisted-living dwelling on the property. The Town’s zoning ordinance does not specifically address assisted living facilities. The Harrisons said they would ask Joe Snider to prepare a sketch for subdivision in the RR-1 zone.

Town-owned Lots and Parts of Lots in Blocks 28 and 33 (400 Block Center Street)

Vicki Andrews asked about the legal status of the West Woods and the East Woods, as well as the Town-owned lots behind the 400 block of Center Street. These lots look like they are part of the FR zone when actually they are zoned RR-1. John McClelland asked Vicki to check with Town Attorney Bill Roberts to determine what legal steps should be taken to protect the forest. Mary Challstrom said that she would check with Don McCathran for background.

Encroachment into West and East Woods by Bordering Homeowners

John McClelland reported that a number of Saybrooke homeowners continue to encroach into Town woods with structures, landscaping, and debris piles. John said that delineation and enforcement of the Town’s boundary was important. Mary Challstrom advised that Town resources are stretched thin now because of work on development issues but that encroachment should be addressed in the near future.

Master Plan Revision

The Commission continued to work on revisions to the Master Plan. A work session will be held on Tuesday, February 19 to move the project along.

Town Council Report

Darrell Anderson said that a meeting to discuss realignment of the East Deer Park "Humpback" bridge has not yet been scheduled. He and Ned Helme will represent the Town at the meeting with Montgomery County.

Building Permit Report

John McClelland reported that he had verified placement of the Lembesis shed on their property near the Maple Road right-of-way at 409 Center Street. It meets the required setbacks.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

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