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1 February 2017 | Approved: 1 March 2017

Chairman Nagrod called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were commissioners Dave Hix, John McClelland, Deborah Mehlferber, and Steve Werts. Others in attendance were residents Linda Buel, Charlie Challstrom, Bruce Crise and David Wilmering. Also present was Aaron Pollard from the Highway Christian Church along with six (6) well-behaved children.

Approval of Agenda:

Dave Hix moved to approve the agenda. Steve Werts seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0.

Public Appearances:

Aaron Pollard presented a request to the Planning Commission for a Board of Zoning Appeals hearing to allow the Highway Christian Church to lease 109 Washington Grove Lane for worship services. Peter and John explained the process and stated a letter of support will be sent to the BZA.

Chairman Nagrod suggested addressing all of the permit applications at this time in the meeting. The Commission agreed.

114 Ridge Road (Temple): Dave Hix presented the plans for a sunroom and deck expansion. He explained the right rear corner is exactly at the 10 foot setback requirement and placement will be critical. Dave Hix moved to approve the building permit application for a sunroom and deck expansion at 114 Ridge Road. John McClelland seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0.

405 Chestnut Avenue (Buel): Resident Linda Buel wishes to repair her 30 year old stockade fence. She was unaware that a permit was needed for this work as she is repairing/replacing in-kind previously permitted fencing. The Commission discussed the following:

  • Repair vs. replace
  • Montgomery County regulations
  • Correct installation with the 2 x 4’s on the inside of the fencing
  • Fence requirements for fencing a pool
  • Compliance – placement of the fence; 1 foot from the rear line and 4 feet from the side line (same as existing)

Because the fence was built with a permit 30 years ago, is compliant, will be made more safe by turning the 2 x 4’s inward, and will be using the same holes for the placement of the poles, the Commission viewed this action as a repair of the existing fence and it should be allowed. John McClelland moved to approve the repair of the stockade fence at 405 Chestnut Avenue per Article VII, Section 5.31. Steve Werts seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0. Linda turned in her building permit application and will deliver the $10.00 fee tomorrow.

117 Washington Grove Lane (Wilmering): David Wilmering wishes to move two (2) of the gates on his existing chain link fence and wondered if he needed a permit. There will be no changes to the footprint of the fence. The Commission thanked David for asking and informed him he did not need a permit for such action.

208 Chestnut Avenue (Crise): A large pine tree fell on his property and took out part of his stockade fence. He asked about repairs. This is considered storm damage and therefore a repair. He is permitted to do an in-kind repair of his fence.

118 Grove Avenue (Everhart): The permit application for four (4) fence segments on the owner’s property is compliant. The resident included a boundary survey, the property corners are flagged and the application contains a complete description for the fence heights and locations. John McClelland moved to approve the fence permit. Steve Werts seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0.

Approval of the Minutes:

Steve Werts moved to approve the January minutes. Dave Hix seconded the motion. Deb Mehlferber pointed out an incorrect number of completed homes for the house files. The number should be 87. Approved: 5-0.

Appointment of National Flood Insurance Program Representative:

Resident Charlie Challstrom volunteered to continue to do this task. The Commission thanked Charlie.

Building Permit Applications:

see Public Appearances.

Border Committee:

Peter Nagrod reported the group meets on 2 February 2017. There appears to be increased interest in this group and the proposed initiative.

Washington Grove House Records – Status Report: Total = 92.

Report from Town Council:

John McClelland reported a Public Ways & Property Permit would be necessary for the proposed fencing in the East Woods but not a Town building permit. He also reported the following:

  • Mansionization – Next steps – The Commission believes as part of the HPC’s advisory role in the process, they should present some design guidelines for review.
  • Easements – Steve Werts suggested for liability reasons, all of the permanent easement reviews should be completed by the HPC. He used the porch at 17 The Circle as an example. The porch is on Town land. What happens if someone falls off the porch?
  • Master Plan Revision – Charlie Challstrom mentioned a nationwide move to allow in-law suites to exist in single family dwellings. He suggested a discussion about supplementary apartments should occur in the near future. He stated the Master Plan revisions presents a perfect opportunity to open this up for discussion.

Other Business:

16950 Oakmont Avenue – Deb Mehlferber inquired about the use and zoning of this property. There are new property owners and their company is Albas Trucking. They are a gravel and sand company. It appears the car storage on this property has ceased but there are still many trucks. The zoning of the property is not clear. Resident Carolyn O’Conner has done some extensive research about this property and has sent it to Peter. Peter will send it to the Commission for comments and suggestions about how to move forward. This needs to be reviewed for compliance with the neighboring zoning. The Town will file a complaint with the County.

HPC Role in the Public Ways & Property Permit Process – The Commission discussed this and determined there was nothing that required the HPC to review the PW & P Permits. Ref. Article VII, Section 3.33.

Status of 201 Brown Street Fence – Peter reported nothing has happened. He will consult with Brenda Gumula about a denial letter. A follow up letter concerning removal of the fence will be written by the Mayor and Peter.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:13 PM.

Kathryn L. Lehman, Town Clerk

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