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18 July 2000 | Approved: 5 September 2000

Commissioner Jim Leng called the special meeting to order at approximately 7:30 p.m. Present: Commissioners Allen Winter and Peggy Odick. Absent: Commissioners Vicki Andrews, Irene Carrato, John McClelland and Bob Evans. Also present: Bob Ellis and Jack Kontgias (Bailey Thompson LLC) and Town residents Amy Gussack and Kermit Moyer.

Jim Leng said that a quorum was not needed since this was designated as a special meeting of the Planning Commission.

Allen Winter distributed copies of the Application for Conditional Local Map Amendment. Jack Kontgias will sign the application on behalf of Bailey Thompson LLC and return it to Mary Challstrom (the application will be dated July 18, 2000).

Copies of the Development Checklist for Parcel 360 were also distributed.

Allen Winter described the checklist which was prepared by Town attorney, William Roberts. He stated that the Town is above the 20% retention and conservation thresholds.

There will be specific locations for driveways noted on the plat. Amy Gussack and Kermit Moyer have asked how the new driveway locations would affect their driveway.

There will be three different elevations for the houses on each site.

Jack Kontgias said that once the Town settles on the land and the plat is recorded, the settlement with WSSC can proceed. He said that PEPCO will provide its own plat and a PUE (Public Utility Easement) will be created. He also suggested that Bill Roberts check the Owner=s Certification for content to be sure that it contains the exact language needed for this project. There will not be a street lighting plan so references to street lighting were removed from the checklist [Items 3(E) and 5(C)]. He will arrange for the plat, covenants and restrictions to be recorded among the land records.

John McClelland will be contacted when it is time to arrange for the building permits.

The plat should be signed by the end of July, 2000.

There will be no quorum of the Planning Commission in August; the next meeting will be held on September 5 at 7:30 p.m.

It was moved to adjourn the meeting. This motion was seconded and unanimously passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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