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5 July 2006 | Approved: 2 August 2006

Chairman John McClelland called the meeting to order at 7:38 p.m. In attendance were Commissioners Darrell Anderson, Bob Evans and Bud O’Connor. Also in attendance was town resident Georgette Cole and builder Chris Tschida.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes for June were approved.

Building Permits

Chris Tschida presented revised plans for 206 Grove Avenue per the HPC’s recommendations. Preliminary approval based on the Schedule of Standards was provided by the PC contingent upon HPC input. The PC is waiting for the HPC report and/or July 12 so final approval can be granted. The PC authorized approval of permit as of that date, subject to whatever concerns the HPC may raise by July 12.

Master Plan Revision

The Commissioners are working on various committees making recommendations for revisions to the Master Plan. The due date for completion by the committees is in early August.

New Ordinance/Permit Application Time Limits

All outstanding approved permits, past and present, will be subject to the new start and completion date constraints. The date for past permits will be July 22, 2006, future permits will coincide with the approval date of that permit. It was recommended that the Mayor highlight the deadline and it’s application to those with preexisting permits in the Town Bulletin.

Ordinance Violation Procedures

The commissioners discussed the need for the TC to develop a procedure for handling ordinance violations in a consistent manner.

Commercial Corner

Resident Tom Appleby has written a letter to the Mayor, copying Chairman McClelland, voicing a concern regarding the food wagon business that apparently has moved into the Commercial Corner space formerly occupied by Prime Choice. This business is operating without a permit from the Town. The PC’s recommendation to the Mayor is that the business needs to apply for a permit immediately.

Report from Town Council

Commissioner Anderson reported that the Mayor would like to hear creative recommendations for the annexation agreement for the Cator Property. Bill Roberts recommends the Town come up with a new “cluster zone” that would allow the Town to develop unique parameters that would permit more flexibility in influencing house placement and architectural details. While the commissioners felt the cluster zoning could be helpful at a later date for this development and particularly for potential future subdivisions, they think that it might be too time consuming for the initial stages of this development. Instead, they recommend providing the owners with a preliminary list of parameters that would need to be met by a developer. That list should include the following: four homes on a cul-de-sac, 150 feet back from the railroad tracks, meet necessary county requirements for emergency vehicle access, comply with the Town’s zoning requirements and have only one entrance from Railroad Street.

Missy Yachup – Secretary

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

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