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2 July 2008 | Approved: 3 September 2008

Chairman John McClelland convened a meeting of the Planning Commission at 7:35 p.m. In attendance were Commission members Charlie Challstrom, Peggy Ebner, Bob Evans, and Steve Werts and Alternate Missy Yachup. Also in attendance were Town residents Tom Appleby, Georgette Cole and Ed Roberts.

Minutes of Meeting

The minutes of the June 4, 2008 meeting were approved.

Propane Tanks

Chairman McClelland recognized Mr. Roberts, who expressed concern about the siting of propane tanks in town. He noted that some are very near rights of way, including 2nd Avenue, posing safety hazards. It was noted that the Council is considering the transfer of strips of land the Town no longer needs to adjacent homeowners, including along 2nd Avenue. With respect to possible danger from emergency vehicles driving on the walkway, it was noted that the Fire Department requires an 8 foot minimum width and prefers 10 feet in order to drive on a walkway. The transfer of Town land to adjacent homeowners would leave about a 12 foot width walkway. It was suggested that protective bollards might be placed along the walkway.

Building Permits

A building permit application for the construction of a new residence at 112 Chestnut was considered and approved.

A building permit application for the building of a porch at 409 Center was reviewed and acknowledged. Since the requested porch is less than 3 feet above ground, no Town permit is required.

Town Council Report

Mr. Challstrom reported that the Block 9 survey work was approved and is now under way. He said the Master Plan has been sent to the appropriate public officials in other jurisdictions and that the Town will hold its hearing on the proposed Plan September 3. He noted that the Town needs to confer with County officials regarding the growth element and he will try to arrange a meeting at which interested Town officials can meet with the appropriate County officials. He reported that he attended a workshop on mansionization as well.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

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