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7 March 2000 | Approved: 4 April 2000

Jim Leng called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. Present: Commissioners Vicki Andrews, Bob Evans, John McClelland and Allen Winter were present. Commissioner Irene Carrato was absent. Also present were Jack Kontgias and Bob Ellis (Bailey Thompson LLC).

Copies of the minutes from the two previous Planning Commission meetings (the regular meeting on February 2 and the special meeting/work session on February 24) were provided to the members. The minutes from these two meetings were unanimously approved as corrected.

Jim Leng introduced Jack Kontgias and Bob Ellis. Members of the Planning Commission received copies of the WSSC Application for Conditional Local Map Amendment to be submitted to the Town Council for public hearing. Copies of the current and previous boundary surveys of the parcel were also given to the Commission members.

Jack Kontgias said that the overall design would minimize the impact of driveways on Ridge Road. The driveways would be private – individual property owners would be responsible for plowing. The Town’s responsibility is Ridge Road itself. The sewer line would run along Ridge Road (on private land). Mr. Kontgias and Bob Ellis explained other features in their drawings.

Mr. Ellis said that the Application does not state that there will be no more than two houses (structures) with the same elevation. It was suggested that Section H of the Application be amended to state that no more than two houses (structures) have the same elevation. Allen Winter said that it was too late to make any changes this Application had already been submitted. He said we could make changes at the public hearing and suggested having different elevations for each of the five lots.

Vicki Andrews asked what would be done with the utility poles. Mr. Ellis said that existing poles and a feeder pole would be used.

Mr. Kontgias said that a minimum of 15% of the total land area would be dedicated to public use. Allen Winter asked if that dedication would fall into the category of forced conservation. Mr. Kontgias said that this 15% (of the land) would not be used for a storm water management area. The current storm water drain is in the street. He also said that some maintenance might be needed.

Jim Leng told Mr. Ellis and Mr. Kontgias that the Council would set a date and time for a public hearing and they would be notified.

John McClelland said that Joe Adams had requested a permit for a shed for his rental property. Bob Evans asked Mr. McClelland if Mr. Adams’ shed was in violation.

Jim Leng asked Mr. McClelland if movable sheds were in violation if they were sitting on the property line. Mr. McClelland said he did not think that was correct.

Mr. Leng said that one of the residents of Washington Grove wanted to have a particular speed bump removed because the motion of vehicles traveling over the speed bump caused his home to vibrate. He said that he had asked Mayor Compton for his opinion on this issue. Montgomery County owns the speed bumps since they were installed by the County and are located on a County road.

Vicki Andrews said that the Town’s Master Plan states that the Town wants speed bumps. She also said that it would not look favorable for the Town to vote in favor of installing speed bumps and then ask for them to be removed.

Jim Leng said that, effective March 3, 2000, no school buses will be allowed to go over the bridge. Vicki Andrews said that Ride-On buses are allowed to go over the bridge now.

It was the consensus of the Planning Commission to continue with the truck limit enforcement regarding Washington Grove Lane.

Allen Winter said he wanted to discuss the issue of the catering business at the next meeting. As of the date of this meeting, Dave Shepard had not submitted a text amendment but he has had discussions with the Mayor and Town Council. Jim Leng suggested that the Planning Commission wait to see what the Mayor and Town attorney have worked out with Mr. Shepard in terms of an agreement before taking any further steps.

Allen Winter moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Jim Leng and passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

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