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3 March 2010 | Approved: 7 April 2010

Chairman Evans called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. In attendance were Commissioners Samantha Beres, Georgette Cole, Eric Gleason and Steve Werts. Also in attendance was new home owner Saeed Nassehi (121 Washington Grove Lane), architect Ralph Hurst and Councilor Charlie Challstrom.

Public Appearances

Saeed Nassehi (121 Washington Grove Lane) came to talk about improvements that he would like to make to the property; enlarge the front porch and 2nd story dormers. He had no formal plans. There was a discussion about front setbacks, height restrictions and the HPC review. Mr. Nasschi was directed to the Town website to view the ordinances and was given a copy of the schedule of standards.

Charlie Challstrom came to discuss plans for a land swap between the Town and Pete Nagrod (#1 The Circle). The block corner survey of block 9 revealed that the porch at #1 The Circle was on Town property and a discrepancy in the width of 7th Avenue. The plan presented by Charlie proposes to swap Town land under the Nagrod porch for Nagrod land along 7th Avenue. He asked for the Commission’s endorsement of this plan. Georgette Cole asked that 305 1st Avenue be included in this action.

Georgette Cole moved to endorse, in principle, efforts to correct anomalies in ownership of properties at #1 The Circle and 305 1st Avenue by means of a land swap between the Town and the property owners. Eric Gleason seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0.

Approval of Minutes

Steve Werts moved to approve the minutes from February 3, 2010. Georgette Cole seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0.

Building Permits

Architect Ralph Hurst presented plans for a 1st floor bathroom addition at 114 Ridge Road. He stated that the HPC had completed a preliminary review. Chairman Evans reminded Ralph that building permit applications must be turned in one week prior to the meeting at which they will receive the initial review and that a boundary survey is required for this project. Ralph will go back to the residents with this information. He did not submit the plans.

Proposed Amendments to PC Procedures

Georgette Cole presented draft Ordinance No. 2010-04; Ordinance to Amend Article XVI of the Code Ordinances Regarding Fees for Building Permits. The fee for a building permit application which requires the use of our Town Code Inspector will increase from $40.00 to $100.00. The ordinance is designed to cover the cost of two (2) inspections by the Code Inspector. Eric Gleason moved to recommend approval of Ordinance 2010-04 by the Town Council. Steve Werts seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0. The draft ordinance will be introduced at the Town Council meeting on March 22, 2010.

Update of Enforcement Issues

Chairman Evans gave the Commission copies of a recent letter written to David and Min Bent (407 5th Ave.). This letter was written to clarify a situation that exists with a missing survey marker. Steve Werts will discuss the remaining issues (103 Brown, 415 Grove, 108 Maple) with Code Inspector Larry Plummer.

Update on Mansionization Process

Chairman Evans gave an overview of the progress with the joint meetings of the HPC/PC concerning mansionization. Eric Gleason, a member of the FAR sub-group, presented handouts (Mansionization Threat Potential Summary) and a number of graphs and charts that demonstrate the possible effects of this issue on the Town. It is the goal of the FAR Group to present a fair and meaningful application of the FAR concept to the Town. The PC expressed their gratitude to Eric for his efforts.

Report from the Town Council

Georgette Cole submitted a written report (Exhibit A) and noted in particular that Maintenance Supervisor Jim Fletcher would retire on June 30, 2010.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

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