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2 March 2016 | Approved: 6 April 2016

Chairman Nagrod called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were commissioners Brenda Gumula, Dave Hix, John McClelland, Deborah Mehlferber, and Steve Werts. Others in attendance were HPC member Mimi Styles, Mayor Joli McCathran, Marilynn Frey, Jason Newman and Charlie Challstrom.

Approval of Agenda:

Brenda Gumula moved to approve the agenda. Steve Werts seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0.

Public Appearances:

Jason Newman (304 Chestnut Ave.) presented a building permit application for a fence at his new home. He asked for approval of the permit application and explained why he needed it as soon as possible. The discussion included:

  • What Mr. Newman needs to include in his completed permit application
  • The need to be even-handed with all applicants
  • The importance of displaying the Notice to Neighbors sign
  • The importance of sticking to the process

Chairman Nagrod expressed his view that waiting might constitute a hardship because of the time involved and asked the Commission to consider approving the application now, contingent upon the receipt of all completed paperwork including a drawing showing the exact placement of the fence and the property corner markers. The Commission declined the request for immediate approval citing the need to be consistent. Mr. Newman asked about a temporary fence for his dogs. The Commission stated they could not approve or disapprove that action. He was advised if he completed the paper work and displayed the Notice to Neighbors sign, the application would be approved at the April meeting.

Approval of the Minutes:

David Hix moved to approve the February minutes. Steve Werts seconded the motion. Approved, as amended: 5-0.

Building Permit Applications:

There were no permit applications.

Records Retention Schedule:

Marilynn Frey presented the section of the Draft Records Retention Plan for review by the Commission. She explained the State Archives is a safe place for our records and would be to the Town’s benefit to use this resource for storage. Access to legal government records by all is the goal. The State requires a Records Retention Plan be in place before the Town throws anything away. She urged the Commission to move on this. There was a discussion about the following:

  • Special Collections
  • Building Permit Applications
  • Town concerns
  • State concerns
  • Permanent and semi-permanent definitions
  • Reasons for doing this

The Commission changed some language in 7G which would transfer originals and images to an appropriate collection instead of the Maryland State Archives.

Brenda Gumula moved to approve the Planning Commission section of the Draft Records Retention Plan as amended. John McClelland seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0.

409 5th Avenue Drainage – Update:

John McClelland contacted Montgomery County about the drainage problem. Because the issue involves several departments, finding the correct person is a bit challenging. John would like to arrange a meeting with a County representative, Steve Werts, Audrey Maskery and himself to explore possible remedies.

Block 11 Survey of Residual Town Land – Update/Status:

A letter signed by the PC Chair and the Mayor went to Maggie Range (#8 The Circle) on February 8, 2016. The letter gives a 60 day deadline for the removal of the unpermitted steps. The clock will start ticking upon the completion of the brick walkway by Town maintenance.

House Files – Status Report:

Brenda Gumula reported the group met once in February and will meet twice in March. Three (3) more houses were completed. The total homes completed is 49. There was a discussion about measuring the height of houses.

Report from Town Council:

John McClelland had nothing to report.

Other Business:

Steve Werts reported 2nd Avenue is restored and ready for the new contractor to begin work at 203. The Town will need to obtain another bond from the new contractor. Mayor McCathran reported she contacted the insurance company and put in for reimbursement for the restoration of the avenue. They briefly discussed the status of the home rebuild at 203 2nd Avenue.

Mayor McCathran announced the closed swimming lake legislation now has a bill number (House Bill 1101) and the hearing will be March 11, 2016. It was unanimously passed by our delegation.

Mayor McCathran received a request from a former resident to sell vegetables at McCathran Hall. Because of the restrictions concerning personal gain in public buildings, the request was denied. Mayor McCathran stated the old resolution governing this is geared towards tennis lessons and not very clear. She asked Chairman Nagrod and the Commission to take on writing a resolution that is more clear and updated.

Charlie Challstrom reminded Chairman Nagrod of the annual report that must be sent to the State.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

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