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4 May 1999

Jim Leng called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm. Commissioners Vicki Andrews, John Compton, Bob Evans, Bill Glass and John McClelland were present. Also present were Jean Myers, Steve & Cynthia Wertz and Audrey Maskery.

Minutes from the April meeting will be reviewed at the June meeting.

Jim Leng announced that the streetlights have been installed on Brown Street extension. The posts are not level and there is a question about the color (currently green, should be black?).

The Commission received a letter (attached) written by Bill Glass on behalf of the Maple Road neighbors concerning the 25 foot right of way along Maple Road. The letter requests the reduction of the right of way to meet the Town standard of 30′ road width, per Master Plan. John Compton moved that the Town lawyer investigate ownership issues of the 25′ strip along Maple Road, from Brown Street to Center Street. Jim Leng seconded. The motion passed unanimously, with one abstention. Discussion included the need for the lawyer to determine whether 20′ of dedicated right of way should be sold to current property owners or returned at no cost. The lawyer also needs to specify how to amend the status of the 25′ strip not legally designated right of way (Oak to Center). Any reduction of the right of way is to include rezoning of the area to provide for the maintenance of open space.

John Compton’s report from the Town Council included: notice of renewal of leaf removal contract with U.S. Lawns; contract for pavers at the front entrance to McCathran Hall; use and maintenance transfer of Ridge Road to Town is complete (excludes Washington Grove Hills portion of road); location for three speed humps on Town portion of Ridge Road is now set; Pammel property is being annexed into the Town; the maintenance shed addition is done. The Ward Corporation is trying to close out their work on Brown Street extension. Items being addressed: a) storm control drain needs to be fixed; b) paving of extension road including correction of construction damage to portions of Ridge Road; c) $5000 bond to match Town expense for repair of prior existing roads; d) $3000 bond for reforestation.

John McClelland reported no activity on building permits.

Bob Evans made a motion that the Commission approve and recommend the Town Council adopt the proposed tree ordinance (copy attached). The Commission further recommends that the Town Council consider what, if any, sanctions should be imposed for the violations for this ordinance, in light of the general pattern of sanctions imposed for other violations. Bill Glass seconded. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

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