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4 May 2011 | Approved: 1 June 2011

Commission Chair Eric Gleason called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. In attendance were Commissioners Samantha Beres, Georgette Cole, Brenda Gumula, Peter Nagrod and Steve Werts. Also in attendance was resident Charlie Challstrom.

Approval of Agenda

Eric Gleason welcomed new member Peter Nagrod and asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Georgette Cole moved to approve the agenda. Brenda Gumula seconded the motion. Approved: 6-0.

Approval of the Minutes

Georgette Cole moved to approve the minutes from April 4, 2011. Brenda Gumula seconded the motion. Approved: 6-0.

Public Appearances

Charlie Challstrom updated the Commission concerning the current block corner survey of Block 9. There was a discussion about completed deeds, legal reviews, cleaning up encroachments in a fair/equal way, and what area to do next. The Commission decided to do the next block corner survey of Block 1, in order to help with the possible problems with ownership that could arise with the CSX National Gateway Clearance Improvement Project and the Deer Park Bridge.

Building Permit Applications

  • 202 Ridge Road – The Commission discussed the fact that Mr. Compton did not wish to include approval of the deck with this application. The plans clearly show the deck and Montgomery County will probably approve it if it is there. The Clerk called Mr. Compton and asked him to come over to the meeting to make the changes on the plans. Mr. Compton graciously accommodated. He made note that the deck was not to be included with this approval and he signed the changes. Samantha Beres moved to approve the plans as amended. Georgette Cole seconded the motion. Approved: 6-0.
  • 415 Grove Ave: The roof has been lowered. Town Code Inspector Larry Plummer should come and do an official measurement. Steve Werts will check the work and call Larry for an inspection.
  • 110 Grove Ave: Mr. McClelland started the demolition work on this project just in time to keep the permit from expiring. The Clerk will call him and remind him that no construction work can take place until a copy of the County permit is on record. There was a brief discussion about getting the status of building permits on the Town website.

Clarification of Building Permit Process

The Commission discussed the need for clarification about what the HPC is and is not charged with reviewing. They also talked about timelines and waiving a review on sheds under 100 square feet. The Clerk will send an e-mail to HPC Chair Bob Booher to ask for a definitive answer.

Planning Commission Priority List

Eric reviewed the Commission’s priority list. A discussion ensued. Each Commissioner decided to take on a current border issue to supplement the monitoring that is currently being done by the Mayor and Council.

  • Brenda – Town Borders, currently Deer Park Bridge/CSX issue
  • Samantha – Casey 6 & 7
  • Peter & Eric – Potential impacts of the Shady Grove Urban Village
  • Steve – Gaithersburg Equipment Co. (Tractor Palace)
  • Kathy – Will send along all Towne Crest re-development information to PC

Report from Town Council

See attached Exhibit A.

Other Business

Samantha Beres brought up a concern that was voiced to her by David Hammett (515 Washington Grove Lane). The Ride-On bus stop that is directly in front of Mr. Hammett’s home is a problem. When it is raining, people who wait for the bus stand under the over-hang of the Hammett garage. The smoke and are loud and they are trespassing. The discussion resulted in the idea that the residents contact Officer Diane Tillery of the Montgomery County Police Department.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 p.m.

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