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3 November 2004 | Approved: 1 December 2004

John McClelland called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. In attendance were Commissioners Darrell Anderson, Bob Evans, John McClelland and Bud O’Connor. Also in attendance were town residents Candy Byrne, Chris Currier, James Jacocks and Armand and Karen Lanier. Also in attendance were Mel Cakmak, the owner of 350 Ridge Road, Al Ergul and Raoul Lissabet.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes for October were approved as corrected.

350 Ridge Road

Plans for the renovation of the home at 350 Ridge Road were presented for a permit by Raoul Lissabet, architect. The plans showed the height of the proposed home to be 31 feet. The architect proposed lowering the pitch of the roof in order to make the height comply with the 30 foot limit in Town ordinances. The commissioners agreed to approve the permit contingent upon receiving revised elevation drawings demonstrating that the height is within 30 feet.

Forest Conservation, Site and Delineation Plans were submitted for the subdivision plan at 350 Ridge Road by the owner, Mel Cakmak. The Planning Commission notified the owner that they will need to plant two trees to replace two trees that will be removed. The Commission will approve the plans by November 5 if new plans are submitted. They were also reminded that Sediment Control Plans will be required at construction. Chairman McClelland will notify the owner that they will also be required to post a road bond of $10,000 for the subdivision and renovation.

103 Brown Street Addition

James Jacocks, owner of 102 Grove Avenue, stated that he is “completely opposed” to the addition plan being presented for 103 Brown Street. He feels that neighbor objections should be an important consideration when the Planning Commission is looking at permit applications and that allowing separate apartments are not in keeping with the Town’s spirit. Chairman McClelland acknowledged Mr. Jacocks comments but indicated that under current ordinances most of the proposed addition will likely be approved. However, he noted that when and if the addition (including the living space over the garage) is approved, a letter will be attached to the approved plans indicating that only single family dwellings are permitted and a second kitchen would violate Town ordinances. The Commissioners will review the ordinances regarding single family structures and how a proposed addition would be accessed (access through the main structure versus a separate, outside entrance.)

Review of Meeting with Bill Roberts

Chairman McClelland reported on the annual meeting held by Town attorney Bill Roberts with all Town elected and appointed officials. Attorney Roberts advised that building permits must be approved by the Planning Commission as a body, not individual Commissioners. He also stated that once a permit request has been presented, individual discussion by the Commissioners with the applicant(s) must be limited to attaining additional required information until the permit has been approved or denied. Full discussions with the applicant are permitted during Planning Commission meetings.

Building Permit Application Process and Forms

In order to expedite the permit application process, Chairman McClelland presented for review by the Commissioners a Building Permit Worksheet and Flow Process Chart (see attached A, B and E.) The Commissioners were given copies to review and comment at the next meeting.

Parking on Town Property

Commissioner O’Connor presented a plan to eliminate some of the parking issues due to parking on Town property (see attached C and D.) The plan is under consideration by the Planning Commission.

Ordinance Review – Pools and Fences

The Commissioners continued their discussion on the Town’s ordinances for pools and fences. More information on the subject was needed and Commissioner O’Connor volunteered to research Montgomery County’s definitions and regulations regarding pools.

Missy Yachup – Secretary

The meeting adjourned at 9:55 p.m.

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