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2 November 2011 | Approved: 7 December 2011

Chairman Challstrom called to order at 7:32 p.m. In attendance were commissioners Joe Clark, Brenda Gumula, Peter Nagrod and Steve Werts. Also in attendance were two (2) representatives from the HPC (Bob Booher & David Stopak) and residents Nancy Murray and Nancy Chapman.

Approval of Agenda

Brenda Gumula moved to approve the agenda. Joe Clark seconded that the motion. Approved: 5-0.

Approval of the Minutes

Joe Clark moved to approve the minutes from October. Brenda Gumula seconded the motion. Because she was not in attendance at the October meeting, Brenda asked Chairman Challstrom to clarify a few things. A discussion ensued. There was also a discussion about the Town sign ordinance. Approved: 5-0.

Public Appearances

Chairman Challstrom suggested that the residents who were in attendance for building permit discussions be addressed at this time. The Commission agreed.

Nancy Chapman (108 Ridge Road) explained that her daughter and family would be moving into their home and bringing a shed with them. She asked for a Temporary Use Permit for the placement of the shed. The building is 6 x 8. A discussion about the intent of the TUP and a precedent at 302 Ridge Road ensued. Steve Werts moved to approve a Temporary Use Permit for a shed to be placed 10 ft. from the back property line and 10 ft. from the side property line at 108 Ridge Road. Peter Nagrod seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0.

Nancy Murray (510 Washington Grove Lane) would like to replace an existing fence (23 years old). The Commission examined and discussed the plat and the survey point that Charlie had located. He explained that he was unsuccessful at locating one of the front corners but would go back and look again. He is confident that the point can be located. The Commission made the decision to waive the Notice To Neighbors sign because there are no neighbors. Joe Clark moved to approve the building permit application for a fence pending the location of the illusive property corner. Peter Nagrod seconded the motion. Approval: 5-0.

HPC Early Review Proposal

HPC Chair Bob Booher reviewed the changes from the previous presentation and explained the proposed new procedure. The change would place the HPC on the front end of the building permit application process. Residents would have to have an HPC review in the documentation that they present to the Town Clerk when they apply for a building permit. A lengthy discussion ensued. Because a member was absent and there was no lead time to thoroughly review the materials, the Commission decided to place this on the agenda for December.

Building Permit Applications

The Commission looked at a building permit application for an addition above the garage at 201 Cherry Avenue. This application is going through the Town process and will be up for approval at the December meeting.

Deer Park Bridge

Charlie Challstrom reported that the Bridge Advisory Group met with two (2) men from Montgomery County Traffic Control this morning. They paid particular attention to traffic control at Railroad Street and the Town connections (Hickory, Chestnut, Grove and Ridge). To date, the Town has not yet received a formal submission from CSX.

Report from the Town Council

  • Towne Crest: Joe Clark reported that he thought the presentation went well but that there are still some unanswered questions; traffic, fencing parking. The PC should monitor this situation closely and make recommendations to the Town Council.
  • 300 Ridge Road: Joe Clark explained the well failure on this property. He believes that this problem will be resolved shortly.
  • Meadow Conservation Park Committee: Joe Clark reported that this Town group and M-NCPPC are working well together.

Joe also reported that residents’ dumping private yard waste on public land was still a problem. He also reported that the untagged vehicles on Day Lily Lane had been moved.

Other Business

There was a brief discussion about a work session for discussing the Towne Crest proposal. This was scheduled for Wednesday, November 30th at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

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