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7 November 2012 | Approved: 5 December 2012

Chairman Challstrom was absent so the Commission appointed Brenda Gumula as acting chairperson for this meeting.
Brenda Gumula called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. In attendance were commissioners Peter Nagrod, Freda Temple, Steve Werts and David Young. Also in attendance were Mayor Cole, HPC Member Mimi Styles, Terry & Laura Kennett (123 Washington Grove Lane) and Mike Schank (302 Ridge Road).

Approval of Agenda:

Peter Nagrod moved, Steve Werts, seconded that the agenda be approved. Approved: 5-0.

Approval of the Minutes:

David Young moved, Peter Nagrod seconded that the Planning Commission minutes for October 3, 2012 be approved. There were three (3) changes made. Approved, as amended: 5-0.

Public Appearances:

Mayor Cole asked about revisions to the Planning Commission language that appears on the website and in the Bulletin. Brenda Gumula stated that this will be discussed during Other Business.

Revised Proposal for Parking Area Partially on Town Property:

Laura and Terry Kennett explained that they have changed their design for the driveway on the front side (Washington Grove Lane) of their home. They have decided to make it a 15 ft. wide, straight gravel driveway which conforms to neighboring driveways on Washington Grove Lane. They also agreed that this driveway would not be for primary parking of their vehicles. A brief discussion ensued. The Planning Commission will recommend that the Town Council approve the revised driveway plan. Brenda Gumula expressed the Commission’s appreciation to the Kennett’s for their concern for Town regulations, their willingness to reduce the size of their plan and their civility during this whole process.

Building Permit Applications:

302 Ridge Road – Peter Nagrod presented a written review/recommendation for this application. There was a brief discussion about the $100.00 fee and the Town inspection process. Brenda Gumula commented that Mr. Schank had not provided the required drawings to scale with his permit application. Mr. Schank stated that he did not yet have those drawings from the company. The Commission decided that they were not really necessary in order to approve the permit application and noted that this is a departure from the requirements presented in the instructions to residents. There was a discussion about the wisdom of not being consistent with the requirements.

Peter Nagrod moved, Steve Werts seconded that the building permit application for a garage at 302 Ridge Road be approved. Approved: 5-0.

Mr. Schank will bring a $100.00 check to the Clerk at which time he will receive his approved building permit application. Steve Werts will coordinate the inspections for this project.

Washington Grove Lane Sidewalk Update:

Peter Nagrod reported that this project was finished. Mayor
Cole thanked Peter for his work on this project. There was a discussion about the responsibility of snow removal on the new sidewalk. Peter volunteered to research this question.

Report from Town Council:

David Young reported that Delegate Shane Robinson presented information to support his case for restricting and/or banning the process for extracting natural gas from the Earth known as fracking. He supports an anti-fracking resolution for restricting and/or banning this in the Town and the State of Maryland. The Council will address a proposed anti-fracking resolution at their November meeting. David also reported that M-NCPPC representative Brenda Sandberg presented a maintenance plan for the Washington Grove Meadow Conservation Park. There was a brief discussion.

Other Business:

  1. Freda Temple presented revisions to the Planning Commission language that appears on the website and in the Bulletin. She asked for the Commission’s input. Brenda Gumula suggested that perhaps people would be more likely to read the information if it were presented in numbered, concise steps. A discussion ensued. Freda will continue to work on this with help from the Commission and the Clerk.
  2. Mayor Cole reported that she had attended a meeting of the Shady Grove Alliance last month where she heard about plans for a 6,500 seat event arena very near the Shady Grove Metro Station in Derwood. The Town should continue to monitor this project.
  3. Other issues regarding Town process or lack thereof;

    • Driveway Permitting Process
    • A process for “Fixing” non-compliances, non-conformities and encroachments when a property is sold.
    • Adding notes to the property files about non-compliances, non-conformities and encroachments.
    • Identifying current encroachment on Town property.
  4. Mayor Cole asked the Commission to review Article IV; Section 5(a)5. The ordinance waives the need for a building permit when the structure is less than 3 feet tall thus allowing for decks to be built right up to the property line and for certain safety items to be ignored. She cited 110 Grove Avenue and 213 Ridge Road as examples.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 p.m.

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