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5 October 1999

Jim Leng called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. Commissioners Vicki Andrews, Irene Carrato, Bob Evans, Bill Glass and Allen Winter were present. Also present were Bob Ellis and Jack Kontgias (property development-former WSSC); Harry Stone of Bell, Rehder & Rose (commercial corner-Atlantis Company); resident Vernon King; and Michael Voigt (Washington Grove Hills resident). Ed Roberts arrived at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes from the September meeting will be reviewed at the November meeting.

Guests Jack Kontgias and Bob Ellis made a presentation regarding development of the recently annexed lot known as the WSSC property. The property is currently zoned RR-3, which would allow three houses to be built (see attachment a). Discussion focused on change in zoning to RR-1 and the possibility of four or five houses (see attachment b & c) in the $275,000 – $285,000 range. While minimum square footage should allow six houses, zoning requirements such as setbacks make that impossible. Jim Leng reviewed the background on the RR-3 zoning as determined by Ridge Road usage and capacity.

The Commission discussed: separate models per lot (no duplication or mirroring); recessed garages versus antecedent garages (prefer back from road); zoning precedents for potential Washington Grove Hills annexation; driveways. Based on this discussion and builder agreement, Jim Leng moved that “the Commission recommend a local map amendment to change the zoning from RR-3 to RR-1.” Bob Evans seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Discussion again placed emphasis on individual house models, no duplications. Subsequent discussion referred to open space requirements which may limit lot development to four houses even with RR-1 zoning. No conservation easements are to be placed on private land, only on public land.

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