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6 October 2010 | Approved: 3 November 2010

Georgette Cole called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. In attendance were Commissioners Samantha Beres, Eric Gleason, Jane Seegal and Steve Werts.

Approval of Minutes

Jane Seegal moved to approve the September minutes. Samantha Beres seconded the motion. Jane Seegal requested the addition of the following language under the item of new business; “Jane will follow up with a call to the Fire Marshall”. Approved, as amended: 5-0.

Building Permits

  • 352 Ridge Road – The Commission discussed how to handle the Conservation Easement that exists on this property. They consulted Article XIV; Forest Conservation, in the Town Code and the Forest Conservation Manual of Maryland. Neither specifically addressed the issue of a fence. Georgette will consult with Joli McCathran and the Clerk will look in the archives for more information about a Type I Forest Conservation Easement. Eric Gleason reported that the Notice To Neighbors sign was posted. Eric Gleason moved to approve the permit application subject to the owner’s ability to demonstrate that this conforms to the Forest Conservation Easement and the verification of his boundary survey. Steve Werts seconded the motion. Tentative approval: 5-0.
  • 415 Grove Ave – Eric Gleason reviewed Mr. Williams’ plans. The Commission debated about whether a permit from Montgomery County would be necessary. Because the trusses are not pre-made, Steve believes that the County would not require Mr. Williams to get a permit. The Commission will make recommendations to the Mayor and ask that another letter outlining what was agreed upon for this permit approval. There was also a discussion about whether or not the Planning Commission has the authority to require Mr. Williams to properly grade the property. Georgette Cole will have a conversation with Bob Evans and with the Mayor before the next meeting.
  • 110 Grove Ave: Mimi Styles did the HPC review for this plan. A letter requesting a copy of the County-approved plans along with other approval conditions was sent to Mr. McClelland. Eric Gleason moved to approve the permit application, as submitted, with the conditions state in his Sept. 28, 2010 letter (see attached). Jane Seegal seconded the motion. Approved: 5-0.

Mansionization – Next Steps

A hybrid of Eric Gleason’s and Charlie Challstrom’s plans was discussed at the last joint meeting. The next step is for each sub-group to present a tentative plan. Eric suggested that his sub-group come up with a draft ordinance. The next joint meeting will be on October 27, 2010 and a draft, perhaps written by Charlie Challstrom, will be presented.

Report from the Town Council

Georgette Cole presented a written report (Exhibit A). There were no questions.

Other Business

Eric Gleason brought up the question posed by Bob Evans in an e-mail. The Evans’ are going to do another fence around their property and Bob wanted to know if a boundary survey was needed. A discussion ensued.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

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