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7 September 2004 | Approved: 5 October 2004

John McClelland called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. In attendance were Commissioners Darrell Anderson, Bob Evans, John McClelland and Bud O’Connor. Also in attendance were town residents Ed Roberts, Ralph Hurst and the owner of 350 Ridge Road, Al Ergul.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes for June and August were approved.

Addition at 103 Brown Street

Kathi Higdon and Chuck Kershaw have submitted a building permit for an addition to their home at 103 Brown Street. Their architect, Ralph Hurst, brought plans for the addition to the Planning Commission meeting for discussion. The owners would like to add a two story rear addition, a two story, three car garage and a linking breezeway. There appeared to be no set-back or percentage of lot issues. However, the owners were planning an apartment with bed, bath and kitchen above the garage and current Town Ordinances do not allow a second dwelling with cooking facilities. The Commissioners discussed the breezeway acting as the common roof or wall as defined in the ordinances to allow the garage to be attached to the house with the bedroom and living area on the second story. The Commissioners suggested that if the owners enclosed the breezeway and added windows that matched the house, the connection between house and garage would be more clear, the garage would not be considered a detached structure and the living area, without the kitchen, would be allowed.

350 Ridge Road Planned Subdivision

Al Ergul, owner of 350 Ridge Road, presented a plan to subdivide his property. The original home will be remodeled adding a second story and 12.8 feet to the front of the home. Mr. Ergul was informed that along with the building permit, the house location survey for the remodeled home will require notations identifying distances to property lines and that elevation plans need to be submitted to be forwarded to the HPC. A frame home is planned for the second property. Mr. Ergul referred to documents provided to the Town by engineer Tom Maddox for specific requirements. Chairman McClelland informed Mr. Ergul that because the property is over 40,000 square feet the following items will be required according to Town Ordinances: Plat, Sediment Control, Forest Stand Delineation and a Forest Conservation Plan. A road bond would also be required.

Non-Compliant Properties

Following a discussion regarding the inability of drivers to see over the bushes at 102 Grove, Chairman McClelland indicated that he would call the owners and request that they trim them.

Parking on Town Property

The Commissioners continued their discussion of residents parking on Town Property. The Commissioners agreed that a small number of residents that live around the Circle need to park on Town property because either the size of their lots are not conducive for parking area or they have no vehicular access to their property. A discussion regarding solutions to this problem included giving permits to selected residents and only permitted cars would be allowed on Town property. Commissioner O’Connor agreed to work out further details. Chairman McClelland will send a note to the residents in the Circle asking for ideas on how to resolve the parking issue.

Ed Roberts brought up the point that the neither Women’s Club or McCathran Hall have Handicap parking available despite that fact that they are available for rent to the public. The Planning Commission agreed that the issue needs further investigation and asked Commissioner Anderson to consult with the Town Council.

Report from Town Council

Commissioner Anderson reported that Councilman Stopak has requested that when a building permit is denied, a letter go to the resident describing the reason why it was denied. Commissioner McClelland replied that on the permit application the particular ordinance that disallowed the permit is noted. The Commissioners agreed that the response currently supplied is adequate and that supplying further information would be unnecessary and burdensome.

Commissioner Anderson also reported that Town attorney Bill Roberts suggested a weight, height and size limit on trucks on the proposed road bond required for new home construction and renovation. The Councilors agreed to stick with the dollar value on the project because weight and size of trucks and equipment is difficult to predict before a project starts.
It was also reported that the decision on the fines for the owners of 107 Pine Avenue was deferred until the Board of Zoning Appeals hearing on September 9.
Commissioner Anderson told the Commission that the owners of 104 Maple Avenue have a court date on September 9.

Building Permits – The following permits were approved:

  • 111 Chestnut Avenue – Shed

Missy Yachup – Secretary

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

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