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6 September 2006 | Approved: 4 October 2006

Chairman John McClelland called the meeting to order at 7:37 p.m. In attendance were Commissioners Darrell Anderson, Bob Evans and Bud O’Connor. Also in attendance were town residents Bill and Diane Garoni, Ralph Hurst, Chris Kirtz and Jose Ortiz.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes for August were approved.

Building Permits

Ralph Hurst presented plans for a trellis that he wishes to install at his home at 409 Chestnut Avenue. He wanted to verify that no building permit would be required. The Commissioners pointed out that if the structure was built as a true trellis as presented then a permit would not be required according to the ordinances.

  • 315 Grove Avenue – Chris Kirtz and Ralph Hurst presented preliminary plans for a renovation at 315 Grove Avenue. The plans include a second story addition over an already existing one and a half story structure that projects over the property boundary line onto Town property. Mr. Kirtz assured the Commissioners that the addition will have a 45 degree corner that will prevent it from going over Town property. The Commissioners informed Mr. Kirtz and Mr. Hurst that all of the proposed structure would have to be within the property lines including overhangs, eves, porches and gutters. Mr. Hurst noted that a new survey may show that the original structure is not over the property line and that there may be additional room for an overhang as a result. The Commissioners stated that even with a new survey, the setback requirements would not be met by the old structure and there could be no increase in the non-compliance. Mr. Kirtz and Mr. Hurst also asked about a cantilevered roof over the front door. The Commissioners pointed out that the lot coverage is already over the Town’s ordinance limit but as long as the roof has no posts that go into the ground and projects three feet or less from the house, it would be allowed.
  • 116 Ridge Road – Diane and Bill Garoni presented plans for a porch on their home at 116 Ridge Road. Chairman McClelland pointed out that there were three sets of plats for the property and advised that the owner try to find the metal survey markers on the property or have a new house location survey completed. Establishment of the front set back is crucial for the desired width of the open porch – which would be allowed with a 15 foot front set back. The permit will go to the HPC for review.
  • 115 Washington Grove Lane – Jose Ortiz complained about hair salon customers repeatedly using his driveway for parking and access to and from Washington Grove Lane. A three foot high gate and fence were approved per Article VII Section 3.328.

Master Plan Revision

The attached copy of an email from Charlie Challstrom to the Planning Commission (Attachment A) outlines the status of the Focus Groups and the requirements of the PC after the initial stage is completed.

Ordinance Format-Procedure

The attached Text Amendment format (Attachment B) was proposed by the PC.
Propane Tanks – The Commissioners discussed the placement of propane tanks and the safety issues with them being placed too close to neighbor’s homes and roads. They agreed to research Montgomery County’s regulations regarding propane tanks and revisit this at the next meeting.

Commercial Corner

Prime Choice has moved out of the Commercial Corner but a chuck wagon business has moved into that location claiming that they are actually part of the Prime Choice Catering operation. A letter will go to John Bell (the landlord) and to Prime Choice requesting an application for a business license. A health department license will also be sought to assist in establishing the true tenant’s identity.

The PC has received a letter from the Calvary Community Church requesting to rent space at the Commercial Corner. They state that they will use their facilities from 10-2pm on Sundays and three weeknights from 7:30-9pm. Chairman McClelland will notify them that they do not meet the approved uses according to the ordinances and will need to apply for a business permit and a Board of Zoning appeals hearing if the matter is to be pursued.

Report from Town Council

Commissioner Anderson reported that the Town Council adopted a twelve month extension for notification of Town residents that they are in violation of the ordinances.

Missy Yachup – Secretary

The meeting was adjourned at 9:03 p.m.

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