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3 August 2011 | Approved: 7 September 2011

Chairman Challstrom called to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were commissioners Brenda Gumula, Peter Nagrod and Steve Werts. Samantha Beres arrived at approximately 7:50 p.m.

Approval of Agenda

Brenda Gumula moved to approve the agenda. Peter Nagrod seconded the motion. Approved: 4-0.

Approval of the Minutes

Brenda Gumula moved to approve the minutes from July 6, 2011. Peter Nagrod seconded the motion. Approved: 4-0.

Public Appearances

John Lottes came to discuss the placement his Observatory Pod and the terms of his Temporary Use Permit. Charlie reviewed the discussion from the July Planning Commission meeting for Mr. Lottes. A discussion about the structure ensued.

  • Mr. Lottes must apply for a building permit.
  • Structure will be treated as an Accessory Building and subject to all set back requirements.
  • Boundary survey is not needed but a house location survey with the structure and distances clearly marked must accompany the application.
  • Permit application will require an HPC review.

Building Permit Applications

204 Ridge Road – Charlie gave some background about his initial contact with the residents and the application to replace a fence. He also initiated a discussion about the purpose of the 2-week deadline for submission of an application. There was a lengthy discussion about the process and about replacement of a fence vs. repair of a fence. The Commission agreed that checking the flagging of property corners should be done before any approval is given. In this case, the residents did not meet the submission deadline and the permit application will be considered for approval at the September meeting.

Permitting Responsibilities – Discussion

The Commission discussed the current process and verified each member’s responsibilities. Samantha Beres will check all permits; Brenda Gumula and Peter Nagrod will check fences; Steve Werts will deal with the Town inspector.

Temporary Use Permit – Discussion

This was covered in the discussion with John Lottes; however, it is clear that the ordinance was written for moving pods & construction containers not sheds or an observatory. The TUP for the temporary shed at 302 Ridge Road will expire on the 13th of August. The Clerk will call the resident about a renewal. The resident may renew this one time and then the shed must be moved to a permanent location that meets the setbacks or be removed.

EMOC Update

Charlie referenced the handout from the recent meeting and reported that the website is up and running. The Town will need to pay close attention to an agreement from the 1980’s that requires Roberts Oxygen to exit via Crabbs Branch Way as soon as it becomes available. This plan will allow for such an exit. Shelley Winkler has volunteered to help with the monitoring of this project. The zoning on this parcel is still in question. Charlie also reported that the sand pit at the end of Brown Street extended was never transferred to the Town as required in an agreement with the developer. Now there are back taxes owed on the property, the developer won’t pay the taxes and the agreement has been breached. The Town may have to take legal action to recover this land.

Deer Park Bridge

The Town attorney reported that the Planning Commission does have the responsibility of signing off on any plan that CSX presents for the Deer Park Bridge. He also said that eminent domain does allow for the taking of Town land to implement their plan. A PC review would be the politically correct thing to do (working together) but this may not happen.

Other Business

Peter Nagrod brought up parking concerns at 205 Grove Avenue. The new residents are parking their 3rd car in the park. The Mayor will be asked to call them and remind them that regular parking on Town parkland in that area is frowned upon. There was a brief discussion about parking.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 p.m.

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