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1. Approve Agenda

2. Review our Mission Charge and details of Evaluation Plan

3. Agree on meeting formats:

  • Relatively frequent (2-3/month) Task Force Working Group meetings (recorded), fully open for Town residents to observe, but generally not for them to participate?
  • Less frequent (1/month), Task Force Update on Progress meetings open to residents of the Town to observe and comment?

4. Connection options: Discuss the connections we will evaluate.

5. Decide how to organize our efforts:

  • For example, should we divide our members into three groups, where each group applies all nine Evaluation Criteria to a single proposed connection option (Brown St., Railroad, Meadow, etc.)?
  • Or should we create multiple small groups, where each group applies several but not all Evaluation Criteria (Safety, Town impacts, etc)? to each connection option being studied Either way, each member will need to participate in more than one group.
  • Assign members the evaluation groups.

6. Pick our next working meeting date.

7. Adjournment

Zoom videoconference access information

Join via Internet:


Dial-in: 301-715-8592, Meeting ID 815 6162 0728, Password 458225

This Agenda is subject to change any time before or during the Task Force meeting. Please contact the Kriss Grishamd at 202-365-0399 to obtain current information.

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