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1. Approve Agenda

2. Task Force members will identify which evaluation criteria they wish to focus on (at least initially)

3. Discuss how each evaluation criterion will be defined .

4. Decide how broadly or narrowly we want to define the evaluation criterion

  • If we get this far, that’s useful progress. Next (or at meeting #3), each Task Force member will be prepared to present/discuss their thoughts on:
    • kinds and sources of evidence needed to be investigated and used to support each of these criteria
    • which of the current bike path options — funded and unfunded (see draft map) — would these evaluation criteria apply to?

5. Establish the Task Force meeting frequency

6. Adjournment


Zoom videoconference access information

Join via Internet:


Dial-in: 301-715-8592, Meeting ID 815 6162 0728, Password 458225

This Agenda is subject to change any time before or during the Task Force meeting. Please contact the Kriss Grisham at 202-365-0399 to obtain current information.

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