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Supporting Ukraine

Want to support Ukrainians but not sure how to do it?  Below is an alphabetical list of charities active in providing food, housing, and medical supplies to Ukrainians.  With one exception (the unrated Ukrainian Red Cross), the charities listed below have been included either because:

  • they are engaged in relief and recovery efforts in Ukraine and the surrounding region, and Charity Navigator has given them a four-star rating, or
  • CharityWatch has listed them as top-rated and has provided a detailed report of their efforts in Ukraine.

More charities:


  • Alight (formerly the American Refugee Committee)
    • Procures medical supplies like freeze-dried plasma transfusion kits, wound dressings, pain relievers, and more in Poland and transporting them into Ukraine to groups holed up in bomb shelters or hospitals that need resupplying. The supplies provided also include baby food, diapers, sanitary items, blankets, and phone chargers.
    • Learn more  |  Donate
    • Alight’s ratings page on Charity Navigator
  • International Medical Corps (IMC)
    • Prepares to work with health agencies and local partners to provide the following relief services:  primary and emergency health services from medical professionals, including specialist physicians, general practitioners and nurses; mental health and psychosocial support critical for people affected by war; gender-based violence response services and increasing protection of women and children who face risks during conflict; and COVID-19 prevention and awareness services, to keep refugee and displaced populations safe from the pandemic.
    • Learn more  |  Donate
    • CharityWatch’s detailed report on IMC’s efforts in Ukraine
    • IMC’s ratings page on CharityWatch
  • Ukrainian Red Cross
    • Delivers tons of food and basic necessities to thousands of people sheltering in metro stations in Kyiv.
    • Learn more  |  Donate
    • Not rated by Charity Navigator or by CharityWatch
  • World Central Kitchen
    • Have opened a kitchen and food supply depot in Poland near the Ukraine border; have multiple warehouses active in Lviv where trucks are filled with food to head east reaching cities like Odessa and Mykolayiv.
    • Learn more  |  Donate
    • WCK’s Charity Navigator page


The Town of Washington Grove does not endorse, recommend, certify, authorize or approve of these organizations, and is aware that there are many other similar worthy organizations.  We provide these links solely as a convenience to our web visitors.

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