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Invest in big changes when the opportunity arises:

📝 Find out where your home energy consumption can be improved. Learn about conducting an energy audit.

🚘 When you’re in the market for a new car, look into electric vehicles.

🏠 When you have to make a change in how you heat and cool your home, learn about heat pumps.

🌞 Switch to electricity from renewable energy by subscribing to community solar electricity.


Make small changes in day-to-day habits, such as:

🪟 Manage window shades, blinds, and curtains: open them to welcome the sun’s rays to warm your home and close them to block the sun to keep your home cool.

🧛‍♂️ When phones, tablets, toothbrushes, and other devices finish recharging, disconnect them to stop the electrical drain known as vampire energy.

🧺 Spare the hot water and run your wash on the “Cold” setting; your clothes will almost always still come out clean and you’ll save energy.

The Sustainability Committee asks you to be aware of the energy you are consuming and work to use less whenever possible.

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