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ClotheslineWant to wring a bit of energy efficiency out of your laundry energy use?  Perhaps some of these ideas will work for you:

🧺 If the temperature of the water in your tank is set at “Scorching,” lower it and save on heating the water.

🧺 Most likely your clothes will get just as clean in cold water as hot, so spare the hot water and select the “Cold” setting when you can.

🧺 If your clothes didn’t just come off a shift on the factory floor, they can probably get plenty clean on a shorter wash cycle than the full, going-on-forever wash cycle.

🧺 Running full loads means running fewer loads.

🧺 Stick a pin in it… a clothespin, that is. Yup, it’s old-fashioned but it works—line dry your laundry outside or inside. Inside line or rack drying in winter gives the added benefit of putting the moisture in the air when we need the humidity. And you can always fluff up the rough towels in the dryer after nature has taken out most of the dampness.

We hope some of these ideas work for you and you can squish your laundry energy consumption down a bit.

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