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Please Note: When this article was posted in June 2021, electricity generated from renewable energy could often be purchased for less than Pepco’s price. That is generally no longer the case. Offers change on a daily basis, and currently (May 2022) most are not to the customer’s advantage.  We encourage you to consider signing up for community solar electricity.

Maryland Electric Choice ProgramYou can do something about climate change. The Maryland Electric Choice program makes it easy to buy electricity generated from renewable sources such as sun and wind. Many Town residents have made the switch to suppliers of renewable energy.  Your neighbors listed below estimate savings between $45 and $235 per year, with their electricity coming from State-verified renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. It’s easy to choose an electricity supplier and save money while helping to protect our climate. Will you join them?

  • Beres/Chang
  • Blake
  • Bolotin/Fassett
  • Booher
  • Cavenagh
  • Cole/Kawasaki
  • Cosson
  • Dibble/Land
  • French
  • Helme
  • Hodges/Williams
  • Klinger
  • Mroczka
  • Myers/Clark
  • Patrone
  • Philips/Shapiro
  • Seiferlein/Frederiksen
  • Sisson
  • Temple

Your Pepco bill has two sections about charges; one details the delivery charges and the other shows the supply charges. Since Pepco is the only electricity distributor in our region, delivery charges will always be from Pepco. Pepco is also your supplier if you have not chosen another. Currently, Pepco’s electricity is only 7% from renewable sources.

Choose instead an alternate supplier that provides electricity from up to 100% renewable sources. Go to the Maryland Electric Choice program website and click on “Shop Now.” You can also view a list of suppliers licensed and regulated by the Maryland Public Service Commission. It’s easy to compare them by price, length of contract, and energy source. Many will lower your electric bill!

Even when you have chosen an alternate supplier, you will still get just one electric bill, from Pepco. It’s easy to sign up, easy to change suppliers when your contract ends, and easy to follow your costs on your Pepco bill.

Make a real difference for the environment. Switching to electricity from renewable sources supports the development and expansion of renewable energy and helps the country—and the world–reach climate change goals.

Need advice or help in making the switch? Call any of these neighbors, or view our presentation on the Maryland Electric Choice Program (Google Drive). If you do switch electricity supplier, please let us know by sending a note to Bob Booher at [email protected] or Tom Land at [email protected]. Thanks!

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